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Week 31
~ Never Tell a Two Year Old

We had decided to keep the sex of our baby a secret. After initially thinking we wouldn't even find out the sex, at the last moment we made the decision to know. So although we found out 11 weeks ago, we have kept it a secret up until now. We landed up talking about the baby at home and of course our two year old daughter overhears us and lands up not only telling her Nana the sex of the baby but also the name we have chosen. I couldn't believe it when I overhear a conversation she was having with my mother-in-law and telling Nana everything. Very frustrating, but now everyone knows, so I can share it with you too. We are having a girl! Yippee. I was hoping that the baby would be a girl and am excited now to be able to tell you all. One valuable lesson was learnt for us all - never tell my two year anything as it is amazing what she picks up and can then go on to share with others.

I have been working on my birthing plan this week. This time around, I am quite specific as I feel I'm more aware of what decisions may need to be made and what I should be able to handle and also what the options are. I have been thinking about doing placenta prints which will be very interesting. I don't like the thought of having a piece of blood-soaked paper hanging up on the wall or kept around the house though, so I think we will do the prints and then take photos of them before disposing of. Also, for cultural reasons, we will be keeping the placenta and planting it in the garden. I hate the thought of it being disposed of with the other hospital entrails and burnt in an incinerator. The placenta housed my baby and gave it her valuable nutrients and life. They don't call it the tree of life for nothing. So, I really can't do that. I have the placentas from my other two babies frozen in the freezer and we will have a bit of a celebration later in the year to bury all three. I like the idea of the children being able to participate in that themselves, so we might wait a year before doing it.

I've also decided that I don't want to have a waterbirth, but would like to have the baby in the lounge and use the bath and water for pain relief during labour only. With my kids, midwives, husband and other family members, there will be 10 or so people present at the birth. The lounge is a bigger area and it will also allow people to be with me when the time comes. So, we will have to dig out the spare mattress and buy some plastic drop cloths for the floor. I meet with the midwife next week, so will be able to clarify with her what we actually need.

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I really hope the next nine weeks goes by just as fast but I also realise that I've got a lot to get my head around and still a heap to prepare. The moment I think I'm basically organised, there is something else that pops into my head that needs doing. I'm going to have to start a list I think. Look forward to sharing with you the next week in my journal.


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