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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Feeling Like an Elephant

AngelaI'm sure with each pregnancy, my tummy grows bigger every time. I feel so fat at the moment and my belly seems to stick out for a mile. My feet are becoming swollen with the heat so right now I really feel like an elephant. Talking of elephants, I am really glad I am not one. They have a gestation period of 18 months. Yikes. That's twice as long as us, so I've been trying to tell myself that it's not that much longer to go and thank goodness I am not an elephant.

I had a midwife visit this week. It is really great she comes to my home for the visits. Everything was well with all checks. Baby is the right way around and the head isn't engaged yet. Plenty of time left for that. Blood pressure was low as usual which is a good thing. I have to have some blood tests done at 36 weeks to get the go ahead for the homebirth. My haemoglobin levels were at 105 and if they drop below 100, I'd have to go for a hospital birth as there is a greater risk of haemorrhaging. So, the bloods are just to check they haven't gotten any lower. My midwife is fairly confident they won't drop any further.

I spoke with the midwife about what I am going to need to get organised or prepared for the homebirth. Reassuring news is that there isn't really anything. She will bring along everything that is required including sheets and towels. More importantly, there won't be very much to clean up as the midwife also does that and takes away all dirty washing with her. So, with that news, Hadley is a little more confident and comfortable about the whole thing. As we will have quite a few people here, I want to be prepared ahead of time and have food and drink organised so when the time comes, I won't have to worry that either.

Great news about the carseat. We were given one last week that is all in working order and up to the safety standards and we have also been able to secure a carseat for hire for free. Yay. So, we have spent no money on one and landed up with two. I'm very pleased about it as I was stressing a few weeks.

In other pregnancy issues, my appetite has dropped somewhat and I don't often feel like eating very much, still getting the indigestion, but don't seem as tired of late. Maybe it's the hormones preparing me for the birth. I have included a photo in this week's journal to show my ever growing belly.

Catch up with you all next week and hopefully then I'd have something more to share.


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