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Week 33
~ Stress

Sorry this journal entry has taken a couple of weeks to get here. Week 33 has brought a lot of stress for us as a family. My husband was made redundant from his job as his contract ended. Funding was not renewed in order for them to offer him another contract. So, without a job and income, and without anything significant in savings, being pregnant and with two small children as well, it has caused some major headaches. We have our fingers crossed that something will come up soon, but it is very difficult not knowing where the next dollar is coming from and not knowing when we can next do a grocery shop or fill the car with gas. We spent his holiday pay money on the remaining things we needed for the baby, so we are all sorted in that department at least.

In other news, you may have heard about the major earthquake that hit Christchurch here in New Zealand. Thankfully, we live on the North Island and the earthquake was centred in the South Island. We didn't feel a thing where we live. The earthquake made major news headlines around the world. What a disaster for the country though. They still have not recovered all of the bodies and the expected death toll is going to be at least 220. I guess we can only be grateful that it has nothing on the after effects of the Haiti earthquake. The neonatal ward down in Christchurch became overfull and women and newborn babies had to be flown out to other areas in order to cope with the hospital demands. With being such a small country, everyone knows someone or has a relative that lives in Christchurch and it sent the whole country in disarray. Everyone we know is accounted for but many of those who have been killed are international students or tourists to the city. 22 nationalities were included in the deceased. 15% of the country's workforce lives in Christchurch, so I'm sure you can imagine the impact it is going to have. My midwife was telling me that most of the pregnant women who were in Christchurch have now moved out of the area and other midwives around the country have had to take them on which has caused a bit of overloading.

On the pregnancy front, things have been good. All checks from my midwife were reassuring this week and baby is head down but not yet engaged. Surprisingly with everything going on in the past week, my blood pressure was also fine. Reflux and indigestion is totally driving me nuts and nothing seems to be helping. I have tried to change my diet and also take 3 different medications for it, but the only thing that comes close to working is drinking milk.

Well hopefully next week, I can have positive news on the job front and things have calmed down here a little.

Until next week.

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