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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Birthdays & Cleaning Sprees

My little girl turns three tomorrow. This time three years ago, I was in labour with her. It's amazing to think that three years have passed so quickly and I can still remember the labour and birth so clearly. I am quite thankful this time around that I won't need to travel as the past two times, I've had to travel over 120km to the nearest hospital. My son was born on the coldest night of the year and travelling in frost and fog was not my idea of fun. For me, the birth is really an amazing experience and I'm having difficulty realising that it will only be a few more weeks and I'll have another beautiful little girl in my arms. I'm a little nervous about the birth - probably because it is going to be so different this time around with having baby at home with the whole family here but at the same time, it's very exciting.

My daughter's birthday has meant a typical three year old party and of course a birthday cake. We got her a rabbit for her birthday so of course she wanted a rabbit cake. So, I spent the whole day baking and making cakes to put together a rabbit cake. I'm not usually the most creative person, but I find doing kid's birthday cakes are a lot of fun and they think they're great even if it is a little rough around the edges. So, it has been quite busy here this week with the organising of the party and all the food preparation. At least that is one more thing ticked off the list and brings us closer to baby's due date.

There is still no positive news on the job situation. Twelve job applications this week and nine of them were rejections. I remind myself that this is only week one, and there is still a lot that can happen in the next couple of weeks that will fix the problem. I just have to stay positive that something will come up soon. I had hoped that Hadley could take a week of work when the baby is born, but it may well work out that he is just starting a new job and can't take the time off so early in a new position. I'm a little worried about that, but also know that my mother-in-law will step in if required, but it's not the same as having hubby around.

With Hadley being home, it has meant that I have found him plenty to do around the house. I've started on the cleaning frenzy. I'm very pleased to have the windows, blinds, and ceiling fans all sparkling - a job long overdue. It has been great having Hadley home as he's been able to do jobs like that and has meant that I haven't had to get up on a chair or ladder to do them myself. I think now that Evelyn's birthday is out of the way, I am very much ready for baby to arrive. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next six weeks or so until the due date. Let's hope she comes a week or two early.


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