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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Playing the Waiting Game

Well, I am 100% ready for this baby to come. Everything is ready for the labour. I have towels, plastic drop cloths, wheatbags, my birthing dress made, and the camera is even on standby with charged batteries. I have packed gear to take to the hospital in the unlikely event of a hospital transfer and everyone has been briefed on their roles, the midwives have my birth plan and I am literally twiddling my fingers and thumbs wondering how much longer there is to go.

I feel mentally prepared for baby to come and am very over being pregnant now. I feel so huge and turning over in bed in almost an impossibility. I have kicked hubby out to sleep on the couch until baby is born just so I can spread out and try and boost myself with pillows and get some sleep. When he is in the bed, I wake at his every move and can't get back to sleep again. Oh and have I mentioned indigestion and reflux? It is driving me nuts. I've tried playing with my diet a little and eliminating acidic foods, but it's not working and neither is any of the medications that I'm actually able to take. I feel like I'm on fire and am very close to a doctor visit to get something more potent to settle it. I keep trying to remind myself that there isn't that much longer to go and now that I'm at the end of week 36, the final countdown really begins.

I went shopping for maternity bras this week. What a waste of time that was. I landed up not buying any at all. I couldn't find them in my size. I'm only a B cup and don't seem to change during breastfeeding or pregnancy and finding a maternity size B was near impossible and the ones that I did felt uncomfortable, so have decided to wait until after baby is born and get some then. I still have a couple left over from the last baby. I kept getting told that they don't stock B cups anymore as no one is that small and so they are unable to sell them. It is very frustrating.

I am trying so hard to remain positive about the next few weeks. I've always found the last month incredibly difficult and frustrating. I just get so impatient and want the baby to come. I'm trying to remind myself to make the most of the time before baby is born and be grateful for these last few weeks. I know of several people who have had prem babies and it quite a frightful experience. I'm lucky to have brought my two babies into the world at full term and I'm going to try really hard to stay positive and be grateful for the next few weeks.


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