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Week 37
~ Full Term

Success! We made it to 37 weeks which is considered full term. I am officially able to have a homebirth and have been given the all clear for that. Things start to get exciting from here on in. Evelyn was born a few days late and Eli was born a few days early. So, here's guessing that this one will be on due date.

We had a tummy bug pass through the house this week. It was quite scary to have a cramping tummy and I thought there might be a chance that it would bring on labour, but luckily it didn't. It took me a whole day to catch up on the piles of washing, including sheets and towels. With two adults and two kids sick at the same time, it doesn't make things very easy. Luckily for me, Hadley was really great and dealt with much of it while I rested up. Baby seemed to be more active than usual during the tummy bug which made things doubly worse as she was kicking me in all of the wrong places.

The midwife found glucose in my urine test this week. She said it's probably because I'd eaten something with sugar in it for lunch. I can't recall having eaten anything with sugar in all day except in my hot drink at breakfast time which was 7 hours prior. I went to the doctor about the tummy bug on Saturday and did another test which was normal, so that's a relief. I didn't want to have to try and deal with gestational diabetes at this stage in the pregnancy. I'd just want the baby out otherwise.

Playing the waiting game is so frustrating. It would be helpful to know when baby will decide to come, but they have a mind of their own and she will come when she is ready. I feel totally lost this week without having my rings on. I've had to take them off to ensure they don't get stuck there as my fingers are swelling a little and I don't want to have to land up having them cut off. It's the first time they've been off of my finger in the four and a half years of marriage and feels very odd. I didn't even need to take them off in the last two pregnancies.

This week has been quite stressful and uncomfortable what with everything going on and I'm rather glad to have seen the week out. Here's hoping that next week will be so much better.


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