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Week 38
~ Bored Bored Bored

There is not a lot that a 38 week pregnant woman can do so I have figured out. Frustration has set in big time. All that I've felt like doing this week is going for a nice long speed walk or a run around the block. I guess I haven't really done a lot of physical stuff of late and my body is telling me to exercise. The only problem is I have no energy to do it. So instead, I've slaved away at the housework doing all the jobs I want done before the baby is born.

Hadley has been home a lot of late so it has been a blessing in disguise as he's been able to take the kids out and entertain them. I've set him a few jobs to do that I struggle doing when I'm this large. So, now the house is all ready, we are totally prepared for the labour and birth and I feel like I'm sitting here playing a waiting game. Everyone else seems to be having their babies around me and I'm still sitting here just waiting for this baby to make her appearance.

I have been busy in some ways however. The end of the financial year has meant getting the accounts for the business in order. I don't exactly classify that as interesting or exciting and haven't really been into it so it has just been one of the chores to complete this week.

I've never been a big reader, but have started to read a series a few weeks ago, and this week has seen me get through two novels. That's probably the biggest reading achievement of my life. They are good books and I intend starting the next one in the series next week. Who knows, I might even get through another book before going into labour. I know for sure that there will be very little time for reading books once Little Miss arrives.

My midwife visit this week showed everything right on schedule. All was well with my glucose and protein and blood pressure. Plenty of movements from baby and midwife had no concerns. Baby is still not engaged but seems to be making her way down there. My midwife didn't think anything is going to happen in the next week, so I fully expect that you'll see another entry or two from me before the baby is born. So, see you next week.


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