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Week 39
~ Still in One Piece

40 weeksAs I write this entry, I am in the first day of Week 40. So, officially, it is my due date today. What a busy week I have had. The photo in this entry was taken today on my due date. I don't think I can get much bigger at all. Things are supposed to slow down the closer you get to due date, but this week has been flat tack. During the week, my mother in law had a car accident while teaching a student to drive. We run a driving school teaching students to drive and become safe drivers. Mum wasn't able to react in time on the dual controls and it caused an accident. She was admitted to hospital and has a broken arm. She went in for surgery today and will be in hospital for a couple of days. The car wasn't written off but it means we are one vehicle and one person down. So, I've had no choice but to help out where I can this week. I've found myself running the evening courses and helping out with meals and cleaning and so forth for mum. I didn't think I'd be working so hard this close to having my baby.

Also, my little boy decided that he was too big for his cot and did a leap out of it and caused some injury to himself. I spent a whole day at the hospital emergency department with him unable to walk. A whole bunch of x-rays showed no breakages or fractures, so we were sent home again. He did come right the next day with just a slight limp. I really did not anticipate spending two whole days at the hospital and none of it for me or pregnancy related. Needless to say he is in a big boy bed now.

Baby has been very active in the last few days. I've had some horrible jabbing pains that have been unbearable. It's as if she is fighting with herself in there and then at other times she is very quiet and it's a little unnerving. Braxton hicks are worse than they have been in the past month or so and I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for them to become real contractions and for labour to start.

Did a last check on all the gear and found the camera battery not charged. Not a good start, but is now charged. I freshly washed all of the baby towels as hadn't thought to do that before now. I really can't be any more ready that what I am tonight.

I have started to take raspberry leaf tea to try and get things started and also inserting evening primrose oil capsules vaginally to try and get things softened and hopefully labour started. Fingers crossed that it works.

Well, I hope that this is my last entry before the big day whenever that might be. My first baby was born 6 days overdue and my second was 3 days early, so I'm not anticipating being able to hold out much longer. Things are starting to get a little bit niggly in the evenings, so I think it is only a matter of days.

Thanks for following my pregnancy journal and I hope you enjoy reading the birth story.


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