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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ A Positive Result

It was rather weird this week not to have the usual lead up to my period. For a few days before I am due, I usually experience some tummy cramps and slight bloating. That was the first I suspected I might be pregnant again. I landed up waiting a couple of days until I was overdue for my period then rushed off to the supermarket to buy a pregnancy test.

The test came back positive and I really wasn't surprised. My husband had been diagnosed with an allergy to latex and rubber, so we stopped using condoms. I sat there on the toilet and quickly worked out the age gap between number 2 and 3 and worked it out to be 21 months. A slight wave of apprehension ran over me when I realized that my son Eli wouldn't even be 2 when the baby arrives. I'd done it before, I can do it again. My first 2 are only 15 months apart. After some self reassurance, I became excited all within a few minutes. Now, I have this secret and wondered what to do about it.

I thought about some sort of ingenious way to tell my husband to make it some sort of a surprise. I knew he'd be excited to have another one. We hadn't exactly planned on falling pregnant this month, but had talked only the week before about the prospect of having another baby and decided we would try come the following month. Lo and behold, there was no trying needed. I really couldn't think of any interesting way to tell him. He was at work at the time. I thought about writing 'hey guess what, we are pregnant' in a text message and write it in Maori. He wouldn't be able to read it and he'd have to get help to translate it from his work mates who are fluent in the language. But then, do I really want everyone knowing we are pregnant again. Especially so soon? In the end, I couldn't wait for him to come home from work to tell him, so I just rang and asked if he could pop home for a moment. That in itself isn't unusual. He would often pop home at lunch time or just because he's missing us. His first reaction was - 'Why? Are you pregnant?' Darn I thought. A slight pause on the phone from my end. I wasn't quite expecting that response. Before even saying anything, he's yelling across the office - my wife's pregnant. Well, there goes any secrecy there. Hadley was home within the hour, just to check the pregnancy test himself. By the end of the day, his mother, sisters, nieces and nephews all knew. I think I am excited, just maybe not quite as excited as my husband is.

So here goes a third pregnancy in a matter of 3 years. This week has been somewhat scary, exciting, and daunting all at the same time, but I think now that I've had a few days to get over the initial shock - it's great. It's lovely. It's exciting. And what's more - there's a life growing inside of me. A baby.


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