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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Finding a Midwife

I think I have got my head around the fact that I am pregnant again. At least we still have all the baby gear and no need to buy anything new except another carseat. And what with having a boy and a girl already, the clothing is sorted too.

I have been asking around about midwives. I had the same midwife for both of my other children. She was great. And I had a positive experience both times. But, we are living in a new area now. I don't know the hospital here, I don't know any midwives, and only know a couple of people here who have had children recently. So, I feel like I'm going in a little blind with the midwifery side of things.

I booked an appointment with my doctor today. It is the first time I had met her as I hadn't needed to see a doctor in the past six months since living in New Plymouth. She confirmed my pregnancy through the urine sample I gave and sent me off to the med lab to get the first lot of bloods done. She was able to recommend a couple of midwives, so at least that is a start.

I rang up 'Partners in Pregnancy' and enrolled with a midwife. I have been thinking about the prospect of a home birth, so made sure it was with someone who would be willing to do that. My appointment isn't for another five weeks or so. So, I guess it's just a waiting game now.

The blood results came back fine. My iron levels are a little low. I am a bit concerned about this as in my last pregnancy I had a lot of trouble maintaining enough iron. I had anemia for most of the pregnancy and found doing anything incredibly difficult as I would just pass out regularly. I don't want to have to go through another pregnancy with the same problems. I'm also a little concerned about experiencing problems with my hips again. Last time I had hip dysplasia as a result of having two pregnancies close together. My body mustn't have gone back together well enough before another baby was growing inside of me and my hips caused me trouble as a result. I am trying to stay positive. All is fine at the moment. I just have to make sure that my iron levels are monitored well and I eat plenty of the right foods.


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