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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Moving Week

It has been quite an odd week. The previous couple of weeks were filled with excitement and a range of other emotions, but this week, it's life as usual in the pregnancy regard. I don't have any appointments coming up. It's very much a waiting game. I have been thinking about baby names already. Our first two children start with the letter E. We have been thinking about keeping with that and setting a trend. There are a couple of other names I like that begin with E. But then the problem is what will happen if we have yet another baby down the track. There won't be a lot of nice E names left. So, it's something to think about. It's still early days and I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

Hadley and I moved into our first home this week. So, it's been an exciting one in that regard. We actually bought the house a few months ago and have been renovating it before moving in. The inside is pretty much finished now. We still need carpet on the floor and a ton of other things that right now can be put on the back burner. With another baby on the horizon, we have decided not to complete the ensuite but rather to put the toilet and shower and basin into storage in the garage and make the room into a nursery for the time being. It will make such a great nursery when the work is complete. We have 7 months to do it. I know the time will fly by so fast. I hope it gets done in time. Later on, once baby has grown up a little, we can then finish our dream of making it into a bathroom.

But right now, I feel like I am in a mountain of boxes. Shifting house is always such a mission. Hopefully we won't be moving again in a long time. Right now, the kids are making trains out of the boxes and causing such havoc as they always want the same box at the same time despite having piles of the same sort of box. I do wonder what it's going to be like with three kids.


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