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Week 9
~ Meeting Our Midwife

Well, the morning sickness has subsided a little this week which is wonderful. The whole household is sick still with a terrible hacking cough. There's nothing the doctor can do about it and we have all been on antibiotics and it's still lingering. One thing I've learnt during pregnancy is that coughs and pregnancy just don't go well. There is nothing I can take for it. No strepsils (well ones that actually work), no cough medicine - nothing. Just the good ole panadol that I don't need anyway. Antibiotics were a last resort. It's not considered safe as they don't exactly know what effect it has, but it's really the only way to get me any better, so I took the risk in taking them. In fact, this is my third pregnancy where this terrible cough has happened and I've had to go on antibiotics for all of them. The doctor thought that it could be triggered by the pregnancy also. So, let's hope I'm not pregnant next winter as well.

We have had a couple of nice spring days here. The rain has managed to stop and the sun come out enough to make most of the finer weather. The family went on a short riverside walk last weekend which was really nice to get out and about after being stuck at home with sick kids for the past three weeks. So, we brushed off the baby carrier, dug out the walking shoes and spent an hour or so walking alongside the river. Such a nice break too. I was really looking forward to getting out and doing things this summer and I know it is going to be harder to do being pregnant. I will be big pregnant at the end of the summer and baby is due at the beginning of autumn.

We also managed to drive up the access road to Mount Taranaki. The weather wasn't good enough up there to do any of the walks with a baby and toddler in tow and insufficient gear, but it was still great to go up there, see some snow and check out the information centre. It will be something we will land up doing over summer.

You may have heard about the recent earthquake that hit New Zealand. I didn't feel a thing from where I live on the North Island. But it's going to cost the country a lot. I was quite surprised that nobody was killed. New Zealand and in particular Christchurch is probably one of the leaders in the world for earthquake proofing. A lot of the buildings were saved because of recent stabilizing and reinforcing in case an earthquake hit. Was such a good thing too as it had the potential to be a big killer. It sure got me thinking as it has a lot of people. We don't have a survival kit or a store of food or water in case a disaster like that happened here. Our 72 hour kit was done up when my daughter was only a couple of months old and there is newborn clothing in there. Somehow I don't think it will be much good with her now being two. Getting better prepared for a disaster is going to be on the agenda in the next few weeks I feel. I might even keep a supply of baby gear in there as by the time I get around to updating it again, we'd have another baby in tow anyway.

This week we got to meet our midwife. We have enrolled with a group of midwives. Basically, you still have your own midwife, but she has scheduled time off, so if she is at another birth or it is her weekend away, you get her reserve midwife. They work as a team. I will get to meet some of the others before the time of the birth in case our midwife is unavailable when I go into labour. Our first meeting was quite a long one and took over an hour. My husband came too and was a little more reassured by the end of it. We were able to ask all of our questions about homebirth. Hadley was a little nervous about there being a mess to clean up and also if something goes wrong, but I think some of his worries have been expelled now. I was quite surprised to learn how safe home birth is and that the transfer rate to hospital is less than 5%. I am quite a supporter of natural birth after having two children without any pain relief or intervention in any way. I firmly believe in it being a natural and safe life experience. It's amazing how our bodies work and how we are designed to do this.

We have our first scan in week 12 to check for Down syndrome and most of all to see our baby. People have been joking with us that we are having twins. Oh my gosh - I sure hope not. I'm pretty sure it's only a single pregnancy, but will be good to be reassured of that also. My worst nightmare would be twins what with already have two little ones at home. Anyway, that brings me to the end of week 9. Here goes week 10.


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