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Anne's Pregnancy Journal
Anne & Matt
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Anne's pregnancy journal.

Anne (32) and Matt (36) have been together since January 1998 and married in October 2003. They are currently expecting their first child towards the end of December 2005. They are planning a waterbirth at home with midwives using HypnoBirthingTM. Anne also happens to be a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

Join Anne as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week to the birth of her daughter on January 4, 2006.

Anne's Journal Entries

Meet Anne

Weeks 1 - 13
First Trimester Wrap Up

Weeks 14 - 16

Weeks 17 - 18

19 weeks 3 days
Saying No

20 weeks 2 days
Clearing Out

21 weeks 4 day
A week away and home to the hormones!

22 weeks 5 day
Crazy productive

23 weeks 4 days
Exhaustion, HypnoBirthing, and vacation

24 weeks 2 days
Low Stamina, Fun Anyway

25 weeks 6 days
No More Scary Movies/Introducing Baby/Jet Lag

26 weeks 5 days
Prenatal visit, slow week

27 weeks 5 days
Challenging week, back pain

28 weeks 5 days
Relief, Family Healing, and Tons of Fun

29 weeks 5 days
Catching Up With Family

30 weeks 6 days
Death in the family

31 weeks 5 days
Kayaking Fun, Wedding Anniversary, Ridiculously Tired

32 weeks 4 days
Stomach bug strikes! + Picking our pediatrician

33 weeks 4 days

34 weeks 4 days
Cold, Cough, and Baby Shower

35 - 36 Weeks
Overwhelmed, Falling Behind

37 weeks 5 days
Drum retreat, Happy Couple

38 weeks 5 days
Holiday socializing begins, False alarm

39 weeks 4 days
Catching up, still waiting

Birth Story
Meet Baby Grace

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