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Birth Story!

First, an apology for taking so very, very long to get this posted. I certainly underestimated how all-consuming new motherhood could be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I absolutely love being a mom. And, I learned quickly that I do not do well writing in 5-10 minute bites, nor do I do well if I skip the coveted nap (that "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing - yes, do).

Second, special thanks to Hedra for documenting the timeline of my labor and birthing. Without her diligent recording, this birth story would be more like "labor was a blur, and then I pushed a baby out." Ok, so I remembered more than that, but it was all jumbled and out of order until I read the notes. Now it's more coherent - and REALLY long.


My due date of Christmas Eve came and went, uneventfully. Even though my midwives had advised me to view my 42 week date as my due time, and despite the fact I'd been telling women that for years, fat chance! I got hooked.

December 30th, I got hopeful. I had taken a nice long bath to relax, and when I got out of the tub, there was more fluid coming out of me than I would typically expect. I thought perhaps my water had broken, but I didn't have any nitrazine paper to check. Later on I realized that I'd had some pH paper tucked in a drawer, but not until it wasn't useful.) Some years back, I'd had a HypnoBirthingTM client who had rushed to the birthing center at 37 weeks, certain her water had broken, but it turned out that her long bath had caused some bathwater to pool inside and then stream out when she stood up. With her situation in mind, I reminded myself that it might just have been bathwater, but I still called my midwives.

Since it was a Friday evening, and I was all cozy from the tub, I didn't feel like driving anywhere to get checked, and since I wasn't having any surges yet anyway, they advised watchful waiting. In other words, "if you keep dribbling, it's probably amniotic fluid, and if you stop, it was probably bathwater." Ok. So, I waited. Just for good measure, I followed standard safety assuming that my membranes had ruptures, so no more baths, and no nooky. Bummer! And, of course, the dripping stopped. Sort of.

I spent most of the weekend, how shall I put it, moister than usual. But no real dribbles of fluid. New Year's came and went, and I got a little nervous. Baby seemed to be doing fine, and aside from having a nasty cold, I was doing fine, too, so, a few deep breaths and a reminder that babies decide when they're good and ready to be born, and I was ok with waiting. In fact, I got to a point of feeling as though I might just be pregnant forever. I wasn't quite ok with that (I was finally getting somewhat physically uncomfortable!), but I could deal with eternal pregnancy if I had to. I really, really, really wanted to meet the baby, though!


I was starting to get annoyed! I was tired of playing it safe. I wanted a last chance at romance before baby. I really needed to know whether I was leaking fluid or not, so around lunchtime Monday, January 2nd, I went in for the oh-so-inviting-sounding sterile speculum exam to check the fluid right at the cervix. Negative for amniotic fluid. OK. Good to know. Apparently that still didn't mean I hadn't leaked fluid over the weekend - I could have had a high leak that healed itself, but I was in the clear otherwise.

The thing that really got me was that I was definitely having surges while I was at the midwife's, and I had no idea. I wasn't feeling them at all. She pointed out that I'd probably have more of them, particularly since she'd been "poking around in there," and that I might even be heading for baby time. Yay! I tried not to get my hopes up, but I did still call Matt to let him know what was up.

As the day wore on, I still wasn't really noticing the surges, but if I paid REALLY close attention, I could sometimes catch a few. I figured it was probably a good idea to go to the chiropractor while I still could. On the way home, I didn't brake quite hard enough at a red light and slow motion rear-ended some high school kid in mom and dad's car. Oh, joy. He totally freaked out when he saw my huge belly. I reassured him that I was fine, the baby was fine, and then talked him through exchange of information for the insurance companies. I guess I must have been spacier than I realized to have gotten in that accident. Too bad early labor doesn't buy you any slack with the insurance company as an excuse for getting in a minor accident - they doubled my premium, but I digress . . .

The story continues:

Grace Elizabeth
Birthday: January 4, 2006, 12:06 am
Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz
Length: 20 1/2 inches

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