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Since I was off ruptured membrane precautions, and had been in a minor accident, I decided to take a nice long bath after I got home and had dinner (wild rice soup). Long bath ended up being two hours. I had no idea how much time I'd been in there, but I was starting to become aware of having surges. They still didn't grab my attention, but I noticed they seemed to be at regular intervals. Maybe baby!

I dried off and went downstairs to snuggle on the couch in front of the TV with Matt, write my StorkNet journal entry (never did get it done), and finally get the holes punched in my 2006 planner pages. I was sitting on the ball, and decided to start timing my surges - 8 minutes apart at 10:15 pm, and I was starting to have to pause my activity to focus on my breathing. They weren't uncomfortable at all; I just needed to focus.

Around 11:30, I called one of the midwives to let her know the scoop, and I called Hedra to give her a heads-up in case she got a call in the wee hours. Midwife Karen told me to give her a call when they surges were 5 minutes apart and more intense, and for goodness' sake, get the heck to sleep! I started getting ready for bed, and by midnight, the surges had suddenly jumped to 2-3 minutes apart and were definitely requiring my attention! I was getting the shakes with some of them. I couldn't tell if I was progressing quickly, or if it was just adrenaline.

Around 1:30 am we called Beth and Hedra to come. Hedra came bearing coffee for the birth team. Matt was already doing a great job supporting me, but I was glad the others were there. I was pretty excited, but when the surges jumped in intensity and pacing, I admit, I got a little scared. Things seemed to be happening pretty fast. Most of labor is a blur. Karen had told me that Christy was already at another birth, so she'd be coming by herself, and Christy would come along later if she could. I know Karen was glad to have Beth there as help (Beth is an RN who worked both high-risk OB in the hospital and assisted at Birth Center births.)

Beth and AnneI know I had good stamina and spirits when I went downstairs to labor on the ball for a while, but I found I had some difficulty finding comfortable positions. We'd planned a water birth, so Matt went about beginning to set up and fill the birth tub - it seemed to take forever! He napped on and off during that process - boy those things take a long time to fill! I finally was able to get in for a little while around 6 am. Karen didn't want me in for too long too early because she didn't want it to slow things down. When I first slipped into the water, it was heaven. It felt soooo good to relax in between surges in the water. Then, a surge came. I wasn't sure how to get a good position in the water for comfort. Hmm.

I struggled to get comfy with those surges. Soon, it was time to get out anyway. Shortly after I was out of the tub, it became apparent that the tub wasn't holding heat the way it needed too, probably because the water had started out at the low end of warm. So, I sat in the recliner, munched on pita, chuckled, and rocked through surges while Hedra, Beth, and Karen used stockpots to bail enough water out of the tub to make room for one more water heater tank's worth of hot water.

Even from early labor, I vocalized with each surge--it just felt good to make sounds. (Beth's comment when she tried making sounds with me was "never vocalize along with a singer in labor!" She kept getting out of breath trying to keep up with me.) Sometime around dawn I wandered around the backyard for a little bit. I felt a little closed in and hot in the house, and I thought being outside might be a good thing. It was just a wee bit too chilly to be comfortable, so I ended up indoors again after a few minutes. I was snacky on and off, so this was good time for some peanut butter apples. (I also found that I really enjoyed things like pretzels - the crunch followed by chewing the crumbs into a concretion was very satisfying!)

I tried a few surges on all fours, which was . . . just different. I also seemed to burp at the end of every surge, which made me laugh. It made everyone else laugh, too! Given that I burped through the entire pregnancy, the burping fit.

My legs started feeling a little funny, and I was getting nauseous. I wanted to be done, and I was feeling a little discouraged. Beth wiped my forehead, neck and shoulders with a damp cloth, which felt good. Then, my shins got prickly - go figure - so someone (Hedra?) scratched them for me. It seemed like I was getting a little more space between surges, but they felt deep and strong, and apparently, so did my soundings.

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