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Anne's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Anne

AnneAnne and Matt have been together since January 1998 and married in October 2003. They are currently expecting their first child towards the end of December 2005. They are planning a waterbirth at home with midwives using HypnoBirthingTM. Not so coincidentally, Anne also happens to be a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

Who they are:

Anne, 32, is co-owner of Delaware Hypnosis Partners, LLC in Wilmington, DE. Her hypnotherapy practice includes conducting professional hypnotherapy certification courses, as well as client-centered services such as private sessions, self-hypnosis classes, and HypnoBirthingTM (Mongan Method) Childbirth Education classes. In addition to hypnosis services, she is a certified coach through Aim for Excellence, and enjoys facilitating group and private session coaching.

Matt, 36, is co-owner of Möbius New Media, a multimedia design firm in Wilmington, DE. As well as maintaining a busy work schedule, he is proud to serve as chair of a national governance committee for the Sierra Club - a fulfilling volunteer position that has him traveling several times a year to San Francisco for meetings.

How they met:

Anne and Matt met on December 25, 1997 at a club in Lancaster, PA. At the time, Anne was taking West African and Middle Eastern hand drumming lessons with the percussionist from a band called Burning Bus. Matt simply enjoyed good music, and Burning Bus fit that bill. That evening, the band was playing a 9pm show, and faced with a choice between lazing around in a post-Christmas-festivities food-induced coma and going dancing to some great music, Anne and two friends, Stephanie and Biké, headed out from her parents home near Reading, PA. Already at the club was Matt, as well as his two roommates, Chris and Barry.

While hanging out with a friend in Boston earlier that year, Anne had gotten the bug to tape live music (where permissible, of course). She had only recorded one show before that evening, also a Burning Bus show. Matt, a long-time taper, was at the show with his taping gear. He noticed Anne's puny set up and offered assistance. At the end of the evening, he gave her his card saying, "If your tape doesn't come out, give me a call or email, and I'll get you a copy of mine." Her tape was lousy, and so she emailed him.

They corresponded electronically over the holiday season, and finally spoke on the phone in early January. Those first two phone calls were 2-3 hours each and consisted of conversations about life, the nature of reality, and other such heady stuff. They set a time to meet on January 25th for Anne to pick up her tapes. Both being avid X-Files fans, they planned an evening of dinner and X-Files. The funny thing is, neither one of them was particularly interested in the other when they first met.

The first date:

On that fairly mild January evening, Anne drove down to Wilmington, DE where Matt lived. On arriving at the house, she was struck by how clean it was - she wasn't used to seeing a domicile inhabited solely by men in a livable condition, much less sparkling. This was in some ways a source of concern! The place had a homey feel, and she felt very comfortable - as though she wanted to knock off her shoes and just curl up on a couch. If Matt was nervous, he didn't show it at all. In fact, his calm and welcoming demeanor added to her sense of safety and comfort.

He had cooked up quite the dinner: Cajun grilled catfish, marinated Portobello mushrooms, broccoli, and rice pilaf. They enjoyed the food and one another's company, and soon the time had come for X-Files. They settled down at opposite ends of the large couch - one huge cushion between them, and turned on the TV. Perplexingly, X-Files was a re-run. This is wrong! It was mid-season . . . and, it was the same re-run they always seemed to see when re-runs were on (the one with the fluke-man, if you were wondering). So, they flipped channels up through the massive cable system, and nothing was on. Really, nothing. (It's amazing how many channels can be available and not running anything engaging, isn't it?) Finally, arriving at the beginning of the line-up, they saw football. Not any football - the Superbowl. Go figure! Neither knew it was Superbowl Sunday (Well that explained the conspicuous and previously unexplained absence of Matt's roommates!)

After much laughter, they picked a video about fractals to watch and put it on the TV as background while they chatted. That center cushion on the couch got smaller, until finally Matt asked for a kiss. After Anne expressed concern for his health (she thought she might be coming down with something), he voiced his belief in his strong constitution and a willingness to take his chances. They kissed and . . . dated for a long long time. Moving to Minnesota:

In 2001 Anne found a wonderful opportunity to further her hypnosis career by moving to Minnesota to work at a prestigious hypnosis center. Matt and Anne thought that was probably it for the relationship, but after soul searching, and several months of asking her "Will you marry me yet?" Anne accepted his proposal. Then, she moved to Minnesota. He stayed in Delaware. This looked like total insanity to most people, but strangely, it made perfect sense to them. Anne needed to take this opportunity, and Matt needed to continue nurturing his thriving company. For the next 15 months, they traveled back and forth every 4-6 weeks, trading off who flew where. The professional move was exactly right for her, and the relationship also flourished, despite the distance. Finally they set a wedding date, and she gave notice to her beloved employers early in 2003.

Crazy Year for Getting Married:

2003 was a crazy year for these two! Anne moved back east in May, they house hunted all summer, found a house in August. Anne and partner Beth opened Delaware Hypnosis Partners September 1st, Anne and Matt closed on their new home September 30th, moved into the house October 4th, then Matt went on a bike trip with his dad to Utah mid October. October 25, 2003, Anne and Matt married in a beautiful riverside wedding ceremony at Washington Crossing, PA. They went back to life as usual (?) for a bit, left for an idyllic honeymoon in French Polynesia November 1st, got back in time for Thanksgiving, and by January, Anne was a quivering mass of jello. (Well, wouldn't you have lost it just a little bit?) Tick Tock:

Anne knew her clock had been ticking for a while. She'd always thought the biological clock was a myth used by other women to justify having children. WRONG! There it was - subtle at first, just a quiet background noise in her mid-20's, but by the time she married Matt, it was loud enough to get her attention. She probably started pestering too soon about having children, and miraculously, Matt did not run screaming, although sometimes he wanted to! After some tearful discussions in 2004, they tabled the baby conversation for a bit. Anne found it hard to keep her lips zipped about it, but eventually, got used to the idea of waiting a while longer.

January of 2005, Anne went to a spiritual self-hypnosis training at her old center in Minnesota. While there, she felt guided by spirit to take on a new path in her career as a professional hypnosis instructor . . . AND get pregnant. She told Matt, who was clearly uncomfortable with the pregnancy idea, but wholeheartedly supported the career move. She decided not to push the issue of getting pregnant. She had learned that forcing the issue was not a great way to get what she wanted! By March, she had completed her instructor's training, and after almost 3 weeks away from home, returned to Matt's welcoming arms.

Baby time:

The night Anne returned home from that training trip, Matt was even more wonderful than usual. Maybe it was the time away, maybe it was something else. Anne usually needs a little time for re-entry after being away, and often takes long baths as part of that process. Instead of his usual response to her baths ("Are you going to be long?"), he encouraged her to take as long as she needed, and then some ("Stay in as long as you need to hit the reset button, then stay 15 minutes longer.") Hmm. This was new, and very nice!

An interesting thing happened while in the tub. Just as Anne was getting ready to drain the tub and get out to dry off, she became aware of a presence in the bathroom with her. No stranger to woo-woo stuff (she's also a Reiki Master), this was even a bit beyond what she was used to. Not usually being one to see energy, just sense it, this presence was palpable and almost fully visible. Like a big golden doughnut (ok, not the most elegant image, but accurate), it floated down in front of her and settled on the surface of the water, as if to share the bath for a while. Then, without warning, it zipped right into her midsection - quite warm and fuzzy, actually! This was curious. Anne and Matt had not discussed children in a couple of months, and this seemed suspiciously like a visitation, to say the least.

Anne decided to keep her mouth shut about this - she didn't want to spook Matt. So, she dried off, and headed to bed. She crawled into bed with Matt and snuggled warmly, sighing "oh, it feels sooooo good to be home." Matt agreed. He also asked, "Would you like to make a baby?" Well, DUH! What's that saying? "My mama didn't raise no fool!" Of course, she said yes.

All that traveling had delayed ovulation a bit, but the bathtime visitation was pretty clear! A veteran at charting her menstrual cycles, Anne knew they we just waiting for the relative relaxation of home to have its effect. A week later on April 2nd, Anne's ovaries caught up with her, and Matt and Anne conceived, amazingly, on the first try. Apparently, the baby was just waiting for the opportunity!

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