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Anne's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 1 - 13
~ First trimester wrap up

Since I didn't really start this journal until 20 weeks, I’ll do my best to wrap up the experiences and thoughts up to that point.

I am one of the fortunate ones. I have not experienced much in the way of morning sickness. Just some annoying queasiness, which slows me down a bit. I only threw up a couple of times total. I guess I have an unfair advantage, with being a hypnotist and all. When I did start to get queasy, I just did hypnosis with myself to see what I could do about it. I found out that the queasies were my babybody's way of telling me I'd neglected to provide proper rest, hydration, or nutrition. When those three needs were met, no queasies!

A bit tougher to deal with was the fatigue. OH! I was so tired. . . Beth (friend/business partner who also happens to have been an OB nurse) likened it to feeling as though someone walked up to you and just randomly slit your wrists, and all you can do is sit there and feel the life drain out of you. Yup. That’s about what it felt like. Some days I could go down for a 20-minute cat nap and be in great shape. Other days I might go down for 3 or 4 hours before I could function again. Thank goodness I make my own schedule! I was able to organize my office schedule to accommodate this lovely little pregnancy symptom.

Oh, food aversions? Lucky there, too, maybe. Before I even knew I was pregnant, the smell of my dad’s famous crab soup (famously heated up from the fish market) turned my stomach. I swore something was wrong with it. Then, shortly after finding out I was pregnant, I sat down for an after-dinner treat – a small chocolate covered ice cream nugget – and promptly spat it out. Oh no . . . Chocolate just tastes WRONG. Oh, so very unfair! I think I wailed and shoved the thing at Matt and said, “YOU have to eat it.” Talk about confused; I had just refused chocolate, AND was trying to give it away. The pre-pregnant me would have snarled like a wild animal if someone had tried to take my chocolate from me, and only reluctantly would share it.

I got to wrap up my first trimester spending a wonderful long weekend at Womongathering, a festival of women’s spirituality that I attend each June. What a great way to pass this milestone: Four days in a community of supportive women, lovingly supporting me in my own process of spiritually integrating pregnancy – now that’s my kind of getaway.

Oh, yeah, I made Matt find all the visible chocolate in the house, put it in a big zip top bag, and stash it out of sight so I wouldn't get depressed not being able to eat it. As my wonderful midwives say, “Welcome to the joys of pregnancy!”

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