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Anne's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 14 - 16
~ Paradise

Oh, life is good! I had arranged to go to Hawai'i for a bit during July. Life did not disappoint me. My coaching mentor, Alamaia, lives on Kaua’i, and offered me a custom-designed course. I jumped at the opportunity when it was mentioned back in February. The funny thing is, I'd always said no to the Hawai’i courses, because when I thought of them, I always saw myself pregnant on the beach. When she’d asked before, I wasn’t planning on being pregnant. However, this time was different. I just knew that somehow those things would coincide, and I said yes. Because I said yes (typically how I get all the good things in my life – by saying yes to what life offers me), I got to spend almost two weeks in a glorious paradise.

I was able to spend some time with my college friend, Tiffany, who lives in Honolulu, as well as catch up with Beth, my business partner, who was coincidentally on Oahu with her family on some of the same days as my trip. These wonderful women helped bookend the trip to Kaua'i. I have heard that if you are up for transformation, you don’t have to specifically do anything while on the islands, the islands do you. I believe it!

Most of my life, I’ve felt the need to prove something to someone. I had the profound realization while on Kaua'i doing that training that I don’t ever have to prove anything to anyone, ever again, for any reason, including myself. What freedom! Especially planning a home waterbirth . . . lots of opportunities come up where one might feel the need to prove something. I’ve experienced such a sense of peace since then. Sometimes I'll catch myself in the old pattern and am able to just let go and remember I’m exactly where I need to be.

Of course, even without having had a course set up to rattle my perceptions, I think almost two weeks away by myself in such a beautiful place in and of itself would have been enough to set me straight for a while. When I returned, I was, of course, glad to be reunited with my husband, but I knew the trip would not have been the same had it not been solo.

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