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Anne's Pregnancy Journal

20 weeks 2 days
~ Clearing Out

The reality of baby has started to set in. Since we will find out the gender when the baby is born, we are in need of a nickname! We have pseudo-Latin nicknames for each other. Matt, being a world-class hugger is Huggumus Maximus. I, being a champion snuggler and hug-snatcher, am Snugguma Lovikins Hugabunch. Clearly, the baby needed a similar name!

Hmm. What attributes does the baby have? Small, moves around, makes mommy hungry, tired, have to pee. Letís keep this positive. Minimus? Nah, too small and mean sounding -- Smallumus! Ok, first name down. For all the energy I feel has been sucked out of me, something vampirelike would be descriptive, but not very positive. Movement -- kicks, a lot. Kicksalot? Kicksabunch! Smallumus Kicksabunch! Thatís it! (In retrospect, I realize that Smallumus implies male gender -- if I had to guess, Iíd say thatís a good guess, but weíll ignore the Latin gender thing and just run with it as a gender-neutral nickname.)

Now that we have a nickname, we need a place, namely a room. Although weíre planning on co-sleeping, itís still very important for Smallumus to have designated space. That would be the spare room, currently filled with a ridiculous number of yet-unpacked boxes. So, time to kick butt and clear out!

I have not been the worldís tidiest person -- ok, Iím the offspring of packrats. I wonít tolerate dirt, but clutter is somehow comforting at times. Typically, cleaning projects send me quivering and hiding. However, having the motivation of this little one on the way has infused me with new energy. This time, when Matt says, ďLetís tackle those boxes,Ē I am ready. We tear through the stuff in that room in about two days. Sure, thereís more to sort and move through -- maybe another dayís worth of work, but we got it cleared out, with the remainder temporarily housed in the guest room. Keep in mind, a lot of that stuff has been in that room since we moved into the house in October 2003!

By clearing it out, now we can strip the awful wallpapering job that some prior owner left behind. We are doing this to prep for painting, which will convert this solidly into Smallumusí room. Ok, call me sick, but I actually enjoyed stripping the wallpaper! I can't say I was pleased when the paint behind it started to come off where the wall had been ill primed, but hey, we were bound to run into some snag with that, right? (Matt does not share my zeal for wallpaper stripping and is spending a good bit of that evening cursing his fate.) Why are we knocking ourselves out for this? Because my husband is a saint.

Matt understands that exposure to paint fumes, even latex paint, probably isnít the friendliest thing for a fetus, and so, he has agreed to take on the painting projects while I am away this weekend at the National Guild of Hypnotists annual convention in Massachusetts. I leave in the morning, so this is my last chance to help him in whatever way I can. He has lined up help for painting, including his mother, Penny (wonderful woman! I call her my mother-in-love), and some friends of ours who have offered assistance, so it should go pretty quickly. Iíll be picking up the paint in the morning before Beth and I blow town. Iíll stay at my dadís on the way home for a day or two to allow the paint to off-gas a bit more before I return home. I am grateful for Mattís industriousness and his protectiveness. I canít wait to see the room when I get home next week!

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