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25 weeks 6 days
~ No More Scary Movies/Introducing Baby/Jet Lag

As of today, I have 100 days left to baby day (give or take 2-3 weeks either side of my due date, of course). YIKES! The time is flying by. One hundred days or less just does not seem like enough time somehow. I canít believe Iím already 6 months in and weeks away from the final trimester. Hey, at least I got that one last vacation in, right?

Speaking of vacation, the San Francisco segment of our vacation was a blast! I definitely took it easy during the three days I had on my own so I would conserve energy for the Sierra Club Summit. Basically, I tooled around an eight block area near Union Square, and very much enjoyed browsing at the Japanese Weekend maternity boutique.

One of the lovely little luxuries afforded to me was the pillow menu at the Chancellor Hotel. There it was, second from the bottom: 5 foot full body pillow. All I had to do was call housekeeping and ask for it. Between the body pillow and the king sized bed, I had some darn good sleep! Well, except for that one thing . . . nightmares.

I learned early on in the pregnancy that scary or violent movies were a bad idea Ė the latest Star Wars episode gave me nightmares for two weeks. When Matt was watching Troy, which I had seen pre-pregnancy without issue, I had to leave the room; it was just too violent, and I was getting anxious. With all that in mind, I really should have known better. Knowing better doesnít always lead to doing better!

Weíd been intrigued by Constantine (relatively stupid Keanu-Reeve-as-exorcist movie), and Matt really wanted to see it, so we rented it the week before vacation. I figured Iíd watch the first little bit of it to assess the scary factor and then decide whether to finish. Well, the first few minutes were probably enough to spawn nightmares, and I foolishly wasted another 120 minutes of my life on the rest of the movie. But, no nightmares that night, so I though I was home free. Wrong.

There I am, in a lovely big bed at the Chancellor, and I half-wake in the middle of the night and catch the motion out of the corner of my eye. I start awake, thinking some demon thing is swooping down at me from the ceiling. No demons, just a ceiling fan. Two nights of that, youíd think Iíd learn my lesson. I didnít. (My dad recommended The Exorcism of Emily Rose, saying it wasnít really a scary movie at all. We saw it Tuesday, and Iím hating being alone in any given room of the house at night. Gee, thanks, Dad.)

My advice? Only happy movies (and happy birth stories) until well after the baby is born! Enough of nightmares. On to the fun stuff!

While in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to join Matt at a pizza gathering for the Sierra Club Council of Club Leaders, which was meeting for several days prior to the official start of the Summit. Can I just say how much I love my husband! When he introduced me to these wonderful people, about whom Iíve been hearing for several years, he would not only introduce me, but would also introduce the baby. WONDERFUL! Going from being weirded out when I put his hand on my belly to feel kicks, to rubbing my belly and introducing us as ďAnne and a half,Ē ďAnne, plus,Ē or ďthis is Anne, and this is the newest Urban,Ē is such a wonderful transformation to witness. Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít worried for a lot of this pregnancy that he wasnít engaging, but those few moments of introduction healed all of that.

Mattís interest in Smallumusí movements has grown along with my belly. Now, heíll reach out and touch my tummy just because. I love it! Just this week, the movements have gotten strong enough that if youíre looking, you can see my clothes jump. So cool! I think feeling the baby moving is my favorite form of entertainment. (In fact, Iíve taken a break writing this entry to play with the moving bump.)

I was cracking up during the Sierra Summit. Iím sure that, chemically speaking, the baby was responding to MY responses, but when we got Al Gore as a surprise keynote speaker on Friday morning, this babe was dancing! Again, more happy movement (my interpretation, I know) when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke on Saturday. We keep hoping that all the action means that this child is as much an environmentalist as mommy and daddy.

Saturday nightís entertainment was Bill Maher, whose biting humor I have always enjoyed (that man is an equal opportunity potshot-taker, which I appreciate). Itís a good thing that I used the restroom before the show, because I was howling so hard with laughter, I surely would have peed in my pants otherwise! Of course, baby was rolling right with me. Such a nice feeling!

All in all, we had a great time at the Summit. I got to meet people that Iíve heard about for several years, heard great people speak about issues important to me (clean air, clean water, environmental stewardship, sustainability, green/natural family living), and browsed a green expo that gave me great ideas for making a bigger difference in the world through my day to day routine. I even found time to have dinner with a friend from college who lives in the Bay Area.

Alas, returning home was tougher than Iíd planned for. I never had trouble with jet lag before I was pregnant. I might have needed one day, at most two, to get over the time change, and then I was back to normal, but not this time! The time difference from Delaware to California is only three hours, but it has taken me a week to get over it. Fortunately, I only swelled a little bit on the return, so that only required one nightís sleep to resolve.

We arrived home very late on Sunday night/early Monday. After several days sleeping on California time, 2 or 3 am until 10 or 11 am, my body finally figured out how to right itself. Unfortunately, this entailed giving me a totally sleepless night Thursday night, and an entire day of rank exhaustion Friday. I suppose I welcome the resolution, but I would have preferred a gentler approach. Iím thankful that I have no more air travel across time zones planned. Iím not keen on needing a week to return to normal life; such disruptions are challenging, to say the least!

Other tips from the trip? Well, I didnít go anywhere without water and snacks. I napped when I felt like it, and I did everything I could without scheduling so I could go in my own time. Iíd have to say, those things made this a pretty great vacation. In fact, I might have enjoyed myself and been more relaxed this go around than Iíve ever been. Perhaps thatís a lesson learned for future trips: Less scheduling = more fun.

This weekend weíll begin some new house projects, like soundproofing the basement so Matt can still play drums after Smallumus arrives, so Iíll update you on that next week. In the meantime, Iím going to take a nap!

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