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Anne's Pregnancy Journal

26 weeks 5 days
~ Prenatal visit, slow week

Today was a prenatal visit. I love those! There is something so wonderfully nurturing about having your midwife ask you how youíve been and to know sheís not just asking about your uterus! Christy got a good laugh at my fundal height Ė Iíve been measuring pretty exact to dates. Iím a bit past 26 1/2 weeks, and my fundal height measured about 26 1/2 cm. Everything just seems to be going normally, which suits me just fine. The only issue Iíve had is some extra puffy, extra sensitive skin in, uh, sensitive areas. NOT fun, but apparently normal.

It has been a bit of a tough week. The last HypnoBirthing homework assignment dredged up lots of worries, which would have been fine if weíd had class this week, but Bethís older son broke his collarbone, and class got postponed. So, Iíve been swimming in my fears and concerns for an extra few days now, and I donít like it! Iím okay with that, though. I know that the fear release exercise is typically more effective when you have let things come up fully Ė they are easier to clear if theyíre already on the surface.

Iím noticing that most of my fears are centered on how Iíll deal AFTER baby is born. The net effect of this stuff being up and active is that Iíve been a bit more irritable and weepy, which could also just be ye olde hormonal square dance happening, too. Ah, yes. Another round of chemically induced emotional housecleaning! That really does seem to be the order of things lately. Iím convince Nature does this on purpose; we wouldnít want to go into motherhood still carrying all that stuff, now would we?

Speaking of carrying stuff, the gentlemen (hubby Matt and father-in-law Joe) have gotten a respectable start on the soundproofing project in the basement. They demolished the existing ceiling in one day, and even got started installing the new installation. Iím really impressed! However, Iím not impressed with the smell. I donít know what that nasty stuff is fuming off the fiberglass installation, but it doesnít smell like something I want to be around. Iíve opened every window in the house and intend to leave them that way until that icky yellow fiberglass isnít stinky anymore. YUCK!

Our soundproofing project still has a long way to go. The resilient channel system (a special acoustic product that keeps the sound from one material to the other) needs to be installed on the joists, and then drywall gets attached to that. Drywall. Does anyone actually enjoy putting up drywall? Iím really glad Iím too short to be useful in this project; that gets me off the hook for drywall work.

While they were working on demolition Saturday, I was at the office participating in a community health fair jointly sponsored by other tenants in our building, and spearheaded by the chiropractor who owns the space. Morning brought some drizzle, so the mounted police officer cancelled, as did several other vendors. All in all, they didnít have such a bad idea. I think we had a total of 2 or 3 people from the community actually come to the event. Bit of a bummer! However, we did have fun all hanging out together, which isnít something we usually get to do. We learned a lot about what didnít work in marketing the event, so hopefully next year will be better attended.

I guess not the most exciting week Iíve had, but I suppose everyone has those sometimes! I should have more to share next week, especially with such a full schedule for the HypnoBirthing class.

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