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29 weeks 5 days
~ Catching Up With Family

This has been a great week for catching up with family, sort of . . . Well, except for my husband, but I’m sure he’ll get his turn soon, right?

I spent the weekend at my Dad’s. Unfortunately I managed to pick a weekend when he had rehearsals and performances Saturday AND Sunday. In his retirement from a pulmonary medical practice, he has been focusing on his music more and more, particularly the flute. My Dad, bless him, conducts the flute choir at his church and also plays in a semi-pro flute ensemble, The Flutations (cute, isn’t it!). So, I planned a weekend around our father-daughter jaunt to the Reading Symphony Orchestra, completely ignoring that dear old Dad might be having a life!

[Before I left for Pennsylvania, I made sure that the guys were all set up in the basement to install the new hot water heater. YAY! Our old water heater was still working fine, but the plumber estimated the thing was at least 20 years old and into precariously borrowed time. Hmm. . . visions of getting ready to bathe a baby when the hot water heater blows - NOT appealing. Some things are better taken care of before they become a problem, so, we have a nice new water heater now.]

Dad and I did have a lovely time at the symphony. I’ve been going with my folks since I was something like 6 or 7 years old. I have a fairly vivid memory of being a young’un and being very proud that I had stayed awake for the entire concert. With that kind of history, symphony concerts are a nice opportunity to see familiar faces, even though year by year, those faces have been changing. Because I had forgotten to put last year’s symphony season in my calendar, I missed almost all of them. This time I put every single concert for the 2005-2006 season on the books as soon as the schedule was out. Then, I promptly got pregnant. This concert and the one in November will be my last for a good while, I suspect.

The extra downtime gave me time to catch up on naps and visit with my friend Susan, who officiated at our wedding. She has been one of those people in my life that I know will be there for me, no matter what. Some days the nicest thing you can wish for is a cup of tea and good conversation with a dear friend. Wish granted!

I only got one night at home with Matt before he was off to Chicago for a few days for a video shoot. His company has been getting more opportunities to do video work for musicians. This trip they filmed a couple of concerts for a band called Porcupine Tree, the footage from which will be used to create a live concert DVD release. Pretty exciting stuff!

So, not much catching up with hubby this week!

However, I did go to lunch yesterday with Nina (Matt’s stepmom). Relations have been improving since the excursion to Babies R Us a few weeks ago, so our time together was quite pleasant! We picked a place I’d never eaten but Nina had been to, Eclipse Bistro, which turned out to be rather tasty. I’ve been feeling a bit unsure of how to connect with the various grandparents of our child-to-be. I got some great advice from Hedra, which was to start by finding out what kind of grandparents they would like to be and go from there. So far, so good! I was actually a bit surprised at Nina’s enthusiasm when I asked her if she’d like to help me sort through the baby clothes which have been passed on to me. We’ll get together to work on that on Sunday.

We also had a good laugh about Matt’s dad; he had proudly proclaimed at a family gathering (well before baby) that he had never changed a diaper in his life. I asked Nina if she thought he’d turn out to be one of those grandfathers who gets really into the baby care stuff, like a second chance. She laughed and informed me that if the dog throws up, he leaves it for her to clean up when she gets home. Probably not a good omen for grandchild diaper changes!

Today was another social extravaganza; the midwives threw a potluck! They do this about once per season, and it’s an absolutely lovely opportunity for homebirthing moms-to-be, new moms, and not-so-new moms to get together in like-minded community. I brought a new pregnant buddy from my yoga class with me, which was all the more fun. As it turns out Kylene knows Karen’s whole family because she was in dance with Karen’s daughter as a young woman.

I think what I liked most about the potluck was being able to observe women (and a few men) with babies and children of various ages interacting with their little ones. I feel like I learn a lot in those environments, particularly when the other parents are on the same planet. To have a house full of women who, when their babies want to nurse, feel comfortable just nursing – so nice! No apologies, no “preparing” the others that a breast was about to come out. Just quietly and lovingly nursing their little ones.

Even when the kids had scuffles over toy sharing, I got to watch loving, understanding parents problem-solving with toddlers, not just yelling at them to give a toy back or stop doing that or whatever. I imagine it’s very easy to lose patience with a toddler, and yet none of these moms and dads seemed fazed by their children’s behavior at all – probably because these folks understand that the kids were being normal kids; they just took each incident in stride, and made sure to praise positive behavior as well. Refreshing to see!

So between catching up (and mending fences) with my family, and observing other families, this has been a darn good week. I’d say more about the pregnancy, but really, not much to report on that end. The belly gets bigger every week. The lack of physical discomfort has really allowed me to focus on the mental and emotional transition, which, frankly, I’d rather spend my time on!

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