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32 weeks 4 days
~ Stomach bug strikes! + Picking our pediatrician

This weekís entry is fewer days than usual, and a bit on the icky side.

Well, folks, now I know why I was STILL so darned tired at the end of last week. I got a stomach bug. For those of you who have just been waiting for me to be uncomfortable, this is your week to celebrate.

Friday in the week hours I woke up with a burp Ė a juicy one. Iíd been having an unusual amount of reflux Thursday night, but I thought that was just the mechanics of pregnancy. So when I suddenly had a mouthful of stomach acid at 3 am, I was still thinking it was from running out of room. As morning unfolded, I found myself feeling a little queasy. Again, nothing that was disconcerting, except that I woke up really tired again. I was also feeling a little achy, but I thought that was just some misalignment in my spine, and I was going for a chiropractic adjustment today anyway.

After the adjustment, I headed home, exhausted already! I had promised Matt that I would go get the textured paint at Home Depot so he could finish work on the basement ceiling that evening with his friends Andy and Chris helping. I had some lunch, and resolved to just go and get it over with, which I did. By the time I got home, I felt like a truck had run me over. I put my jammies on and crawled into bed.

I noticed Iíd been going to the bathroom more frequently that morning, but since Iíve been quite regular despite being pregnant, that wasnít too alarming. Finally, I realized that I was achy in the way I get if I have a fever. Hmm. That scared me a little. I didnít know what the safe threshold was for fever in pregnancy. I took my temp, and it was 99.6į F. Ugh. I called the midwives. Karen reassured me that as long as my temp was below 101.4įF, they were not concerned. The big deal would be to stay hydrated. I started to cry. Matt and I had planned to go away this weekend to really celebrate our anniversary from Tuesday. It was to be our last getaway together before baby. There are no other free weekends until Thanksgiving, and then not again until Iím almost due to birth. It was looking like we werenít going to go, and I was SO sad!

Karen comforted me by saying that if I wasnít feeling too wretched to get out of the house, that we should still plan to go away together Ė the distraction would be healing if I wasnít too terribly ill. That helped some. I was hoping she was right that I could hold out. Her kids had just been through a stomach bug, but maybe I didnít have that.

I just felt yucky through the evening and tried to keep my spirits up.

I had it.

I didnít realize I had that bug until later that night, not until I was going every couple of hours, then every hour, then having major abdominal cramping and running to the bathroom. All night long. (Good thing Matt had been banished to the guest room because of the snoring Ė he would NOT have wanted to be in bed with me!)

On the 4 am potty run, I got up and stayed up for a while. I emailed the midwives with an update, uncomfortable and despairing. I was feeling so terrible, that it was pretty unlikely that I was going anywhere. Iíll spare you the details of what was coming out of my body, but if youíre into those details (my family is big on bodily function details), email me.

By 9 am, it was really clear, I wasnít traveling ANYWHERE except the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom. I went in to tell Matt the news. I thought heíd be upset. I sure was! Nope, my hubby went immediately into planning all the work he was going to get done in the house. I told him I knew his first job, once he was awake, was to go to the store to get me stuff I could eat and drink more easily. I was still holding out hope that maybe Sunday we could get away, and I wanted to take extra good care of myself anyway, both for me and for Smallumus! I had a chance to get a shopping list from Christy by phone while Matt was in the shower. Well, at least I knew to eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast Ė dry), and how to make homemade rehydration stuff. Iíd already figured out the night before to add some salt to diluted apple juice, but I needed some other options!

I thought I couldnít feel any worse, but my fever went up to 100.1įF, and Matt did not respond the way Iíd hoped he would. I was really hoping my husbandís man-nurture gene would reveal itself and that he would be attentive and comforting while I was stuck in bed. Oh god, so NOT the response I got. Once he was up, he asked if I could wait for my goods until he got back from Home Depot run #2. Uh, no. I was achy and muscle crampy, and I needed my bananas for potassium and my health food store stuff to make a rehydration drink. He only looked moderately exasperated at having to come home in between. I tried to gently point out that heíd have to pass the house between the grocery run and the hardware run anyway, and besides, I felt like ca-ca and needed that stuff.

So, he went, bless him, and got everything I needed. Then he came home, set it downstairs on the kitchen counter, and came upstairs to tell me where it was before he left for Home Depot. Uh, could you at least bring me a banana? * sigh *

Throughout the day, I found that I had to reiterate my needs frequently to get them met sometimes. I finally asked him if he didnít know how to help, if he didnít want to help, or if it was something else. I was informed that he was just focused on the things that he had planned to get done and that trying to take care of me was distracting. Oh. Well, needless to say, that didnít fly well. I asked if he thought I was moving that slowly and painfully just for show. No, he believed I was sick, but he wanted to get stuff done that was important to him.

That conversation sent me into a total tailspin. If he canít help me much when Iím sick and only need him a little, whatís going to happen when Iím in labor? Or in those weeks postpartum, particularly the week or two when Iím not supposed to do stairs and will need to be brought food and drink? OH MY GOD. Iím in trouble.

To his credit, once he was done with a major task, he came upstairs, unbidden, to see if I needed anything. I got a refill on my applesauce, and he sat on the bed with me while I ate it. I think he knew from our earlier conversation that (in my eyes, anyway) he screwed up. As night wore on, he got better at asking me what I needed. By late evening, I was only going to the bathroom every 2 or 3 hours, instead of every hour, but even with 80 ounces of fluids in 12 hours, I was still really dry! I even felt sturdy enough to come downstairs to watch a movie, although I quickly fell asleep with my head in Mattís lap.

Only one bathroom run during the night Saturday, and Sunday morning started with waking up in soaked sheets. My fever had broken during the night. Yay! That alone had me feeling hopeful, since the aches were starting to go away. I got up, stripped the bed, and took a bath. I put clean sheets on the bed, and realized I was exhausted again! I seem to be the queen of overdoing it lately. I made up a bowl of rice and applesauce warmed up with a little plain yogurt on top (get some good bugs in there!) and settled back in bed. Even though I seemed to be on the mend, I was fatigued enough to spend more time napping or resting Sunday than doing anything else. By evening, I was even able to stay awake for an entire movie!

Monday morning, I actually felt normal. Ok, I could tell I was still catching up with myself, based on energy levels, but otherwise, everything seemed ok. Well, except for waking up angry for some reason. Iíd let Matt sleep in our bed Sunday night, and after 10 minutes, he was snoring to wake the dead, so I went to the guest room. I woke up furious about that, and other things, and let him have it as soon as he woke up, and then, crazy woman! I kept at him through the bathroom door before I stomped off to the chiropractor. I said some really horrible things to my husband.

I didnít even make it out of the development before I had to pull over. I was crying too hard to see. I felt like a terrible person, and I was sure Matt was going to hate me. I kept going to the chiropractor, and burst into tears there, too. I was actually in physical pain when I arrived, which helped the tears along. All the flopping around in bed, and plopping down on toilet seats all weekend had given me some vicious pain in my right SI joint. (I think Dr. Brian is one of the worldís nicest chiropractors; he really took time with me to make sure heíd taken the best care of me.)

About a mile down the road from the chiropractic office, Matt called on my cell. I pulled over, because I knew I couldnít multitask. He was apparently unfazed by my outburst in the morning and was calling to tell me what he was going to do to address the concerns Iíd voiced. He especially wanted me to know that the things he needed to do to clear the family room of basement items would only take one evening, not two, and so we would not have to sacrifice date night tonight. Awww. Gee. Do I feel dumb or what? But, Iím really glad I didnít do damage, too!

On the way home, I stopped at Jenís house, and she fed me Ė blueberry waffles. YUM! I suddenly felt exhausted and headed home to rest some more. Jen invited me to come back if I felt up to it for pumpkin carving. Iíd forgotten it was Halloween! I decided to play it by ear, and so the next thing I did was to go to an appointment with the backup OB to investigate what was causing some of my, uh, intimate discomfort to be so persistent.

No sooner did I have my butt wrapped in a paper sheet on the exam table than the doctor got called out to an emergency C-section. Did I mind waiting a bit? No, I guessed not. Iíd left my cell phone in the car, had no watch on, and could see no clock in the room, so I didnít realize Iíd been sitting there for almost an hour and half when he finally came in. (That necessitated adjustment #2 with Dr. Brian, chiropractor extraordinaire, on the way home.) I did ye old lean back and feet up in the stirrups (I HATE that!), and then his cellphone rang. Thank goodness his nurse was there with some sense of decency and pulled the drape back down over my crotch while he talked to the L&D unit at the hospital. Iím not all that modest, but some positions are just more vulnerable than others!

The OB hung up the phone, lifted the drape, took a look under the hood (so to speak) and after looking a little perplexed for a while, proclaimed it to be yeast. Yeast. It didnít look or feel like yeast to me (or to my fabulous midwives, either.) He cultured anyway but said he was pretty sure yeast was all it was. Sure enough, when he looked at it under the microscope, there was yeast everywhere. Goodie. At least I know what to do with that. Apparently, dear hubby has been helping pass it back to me periodically, so heíll need to be treated, too. Oh, heíll love that . . .

HalloweenAfter a quick change at home into my belly dance outfit for an impromptu fortuneteller costume, I re-joined Jen, a wonderful witch, on her front porch to greet trick-or-treaters (thatís me and Jen in the picture). I particularly enjoyed listening to her giving heck to the kids who hadnít even bothered with a costume, and showed up for candy anyway (she still gave them some). My favorite was the little princess (probably about 5 or 6 years old), who, as she was walking away, stopped to shyly correct us. She pointed delicately at the picture on her costume and pointed out that it was Cinderella. Oh, my stars! How could we make such an error to mistake Cinderella for an ordinary princess? This satisfied our little Cinderella, and when the kid cut across Jenís lawn (which makes Jen nuts), she was spared the usual lecture.

We managed to entice Matt to stop at home and get the camera (Iíd forgotten it in my rush to wash my pits and change my clothes). He was really surprised that Iíd dressed up, and then decided he felt bad that we werenít at home greeting kids. I pointed out that with a baby on the way, we had many, many years of compulsory Halloween observance ahead of us, and so I still wanted to stick with the original plan Ė spend on dinner for us what we otherwise would have blown on candy. Besides, Jenís neighborhood is much more active for Halloween, and we donít have a porch! Admittedly we got some odd looks at the restaurant with preggo me in bellydance gear and Matt in street clothes.

After changing into jammies, Matt and I enjoyed another video (ok, I slept through most of it) and a good nightís sleep. On waking Tuesday, I was feeling great! Until an hour after breakfast. Apparently I had challenged my system a bit too much, and the cramping diarrhea came back. Lovely. Ok, I guess Iíll just roll with this! It does complicate my life a little. Iím actually hungry for way more than bananas, rice, applesauce and toast! Oh well. Another day of bland foods wonít drive me insane. Besides, I got pretty tired out just for the short bout of runs, so I decided it was easier to give in and rest.

Today is Wednesday, and Iím writing my entry earlier than usual. I have a speaking engagement tonight, a friend coming from Minneapolis tomorrow, Matt leaving for Turks & Caicos at 4am tomorrow, and my Blessingway on Saturday, so I thought Iíd take writing off my Thursday schedule and cut myself some slack!

This morning started earlier than usual. We had an appointment to interview a pediatrician. The search for a pediatrician who 1) wouldnít lecture me about birthing my baby at home, 2) supports extended nursing and co-sleeping, and 3) who is open to discussion about alternative vaccination schedules was initially extremely frustrating. Some of the referrals Iíd received from friends werenít on our insurance plan. Drat! It was looking pretty bleak Ė until I tried searching by specific doctor name, and not just scouring the directory. As it turns out, our insurance planís online physician directory only brings up the huge hospital pediatric groups when I did a ďsearch allĒ kind of function, but when I plugged in the names I was looking for, several came up who werenít in the initial search. Weird.

Once I found out that Bethís kidsí pediatrician was on our plan, I shouldnít have worried, but I did. Matt came along to the interview, although he had no idea what to ask. Fortunately, I knew what I needed to know to be comfortable. We had to wait a little while until the doctor was ready to meet with us, which always makes Matt a little edgy, but soon enough we heard ďMr. & Mrs. Urban?Ē behind us. I turned around and saw some of the kindest eyes Iíve ever seen. Score one for Santa Claus eyes! This doctor was incredibly friendly and warm, willing to answer any questions we might have, and clearly was the right choice. Another plus: when he asked, ďSo, youíre having your baby at The Birth Center then?Ē and I replied ďno, at home,Ē he didnít flinch. He did want to know if weíd have a skilled birth attendant. In the time it took me to open my mouth he said, ďOh, I forgot. You have a skilled friend whoíll be stopping by for tea while you are in labor.Ē Then he smiled. Did he wink, too? Whew! (Even though homebirth is a legal choice for parents in Delaware, it can occasionally be problematic for midwives, so it was nice not to go through interrogation.) Well, now I can check that huge ďFind PediatricianĒ box off my to-do list.

From the pediatrician to the mechanic -- Yeah, that was my top choice today. On the way to get my new tires put on, I noticed Jen had called. I checked in with her. Would I like to go to breakfast? SURE! I was starving!! Iíd had a banana and a smoothie an hour and a half ago, but it was not enough. I would have walked over to the diner near the mechanicís by myself either way, but it was much nicer to go with someone. So, instead of sitting in the waiting area, I got to chow down while I waited for my car. Heck, we even went to buy me some new underwear. (Those increased secretions can be tough to keep up with, and Iím tired of going through 2 weeks of underwear in 6 days.)

Soon enough my car was done, and it was home to finish this entry and prep for my talk this evening. Beth and I are speaking to a group called Between Friends, which is part of the Wilmington University& Whist Clubs. My part is on Prosperity Consciousness; hers is on Emotional Freedom Technique. One of the organizers was at my Prosperity Consciousness talk at the Delaware Womenís Conference this past March and took a 7th Path Self-HypnosisTM class with Beth subsequently. She really loved the work she did with us and called over the summer to get us for her group. I feel honored, and Iím excited to speak to these women about opening their lives to all the abundance the Universe has to offer. Bonus: They feed us dinner, too!

So, folks, thatís all for this week. A little on the icky side, but today at least seemed to put a happier spin on things. I expect that next week, Iíll have lots of warm and wonderful stories to share with you from my Blessingway. And, thanks especially to Stacey in California for letting me know I missed putting the Apache blessing into last week's entry. Iím glad to know youíre out there reading and enjoying my journal (even when I get long-winded).

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