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38 weeks 5 days
~ Holiday socializing begins, False alarm

I think I’ve pretty well given up trying to chronicle every moment of this pregnancy now. We’re still hauling butt to try to get the house in order (that gets a little better each week, just not as fast as we’d like!)

Saturday was crazy busy with social events. We had a potluck at one of the midwives’ places in the afternoon, That was nuts! There were tons of people there, including many children of varying ages. Matt came with me to this one, and in some ways, it might have been better if he hadn’t! Even I was overwhelmed with the number of kids there, and we ended up sort of paired off next to the piano – which was being banged upon by four different children at once. While I was in the kitchen chatting with another HypnoBirthing instructor from Philadelphia, several people approached Matt to try to get him to hold their babies. Someone must have tipped them off that he is a dad-to-be, because several of them started their conversations with “So, I understand you’re not a dad yet.” Let’s just say this did not endear them to him. He thought I had put them up to it, but I had not. He was less upset when he knew I hadn’t done it! Fortunately we had another potluck to go to, so we had a good reason for our early exit.

We were both pretty tired by that point in the afternoon, so instead of driving directly from Philadelphia, PA to Dover, DE, we stopped at home for a quick nap before continuing on to the Sierra Club Delaware Chapter holiday potluck. I probably could have skipped that, given how tired I was, but I knew I might have the opportunity to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I did get to see Phil Sr. and Phil Jr., distant cousins on my dad’s side. It cracks me up to see him – the day we figured out that we had to be related was a rainy, windy afternoon picnic when I saw some unmistakable family mannerisms in Phil Jr. Once we’d inquired into our lineage, we found shared ancestry a few generations back.

I also got to see a gentleman I had done some healing work with almost a year ago. He shared with me how the intersection of his prior health issues and the things that opened up for him in that reiki session altered his perspective on life and helped him transform himself into a much happier, freer person. I often wonder what long-term effect the work I do with people, whether it’s hypnosis or coaching or reiki, has had on their lives. I also often find myself privately doubting that I make much difference in the world, so having someone tells me how his life changed for the better after a single interaction, it’s more fulfilling than you can imagine. This one brought me to tears on the way home. (Granted, I was pretty tired by the drive home, but tears are a characteristic response for me in times of great emotion, of which this was one.)

Matt and I took some time to rest during the first part of Sunday before getting back to work on house stuff. We’ve also been doing our best to use our Monday night date nights for together time, not work time, but sometimes we get wrapped up in projects. This evening we ended up at Babies R Us trying to fill in the gaps from the baby shower using the gift cards we’d gotten. We were pleasantly surprised to find that after getting the rest of our priority items, we still had some left over for Christmas gifts for the grandparents. I love it when that happens!

Tuesday was more excitement than I would have thought. Early in the day on Monday I’d lost pieces of my mucous plug, which left me feeling a little bit shaky, but since there weren’t any surges happening, I finally chilled out. Well, that’s after I compulsively cleaned every corner in the upstairs bathroom. Tuesday evening, Matt and I had a meeting with a new financial planner (who was absolutely wonderful). During the drive down to the meeting, I noticed my belly getting hard. I knew they were probably just Braxton Hicks, but they seemed to have a pattern. I found myself clock watching during the meeting and discovered that they were happening at regular 20 minute intervals. I thought for sure I’d be in active labor sometime in the middle of the night. I had been waking up the last few days at 5 am ravenously hungry, carb loading during the day, and then feeling weepy and vulnerable in the evenings, all of which I was hopeful meant that the baby would be here soon. Well, I did stop by Hedra’s to pick up her birth bag and called the midwives on the way home. Then, I went to bed.

I was so disappointed when I woke up Wednesday morning with nothing doing! I went to my prenatal appointment, trying not to be glum. Even the midwives seemed hopeful that I’d be having the baby soon, but they of course seem more realistic about the uncertainty of playing the odds. I got a mild version of the expected “be patient” speech, which was still useful. Even though our favorite prognosticator, Gabe (age 8) had previously said that the baby wanted to come between December 10th and 20th, he has since revised that, saying “that ship has sailed,” meaning that the factors leading to those dates were no longer valid. He was very clear that the baby is now completely uninterested in letting us know when he or she intends to be born (he’s still very clear that the baby is a boy, but we’ve been working on not to get attached to that).

Today (Thursday) is another massage day, and I’m generally doing my best to take it easy, rest, eat well, and drink lots of water, just in case. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be tired, undernourished, or dehydrated if I go into labor, now would I?

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