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39 weeks 4 days
~ Catching up, still waiting

Ok, I’m definitely finding the limits of patience already. I know I need to be patient, and that the baby will come in its own time. Oh yeah, I’ve given up on calling the baby Smallumus, mostly because I really have a belly full of baby, and it doesn’t feel small at all! Honestly, I’m just tired enough and frustrated enough not to feel like writing at all. That might be good news for you, dear reader, because this entry will be shorter than usual as a result.

In the realm of catching up, I got great help from friends and family this week. Matt and I actually had a lot of fun working together over the weekend to set up the pantry space and put the baby stuff in the baby room. Even though it took a lot longer to get the things done that we were planning on getting done, for a change, we were ok with that! In fact, we were really pleased with what we got accomplished. That’s a very nice, yet not very familiar feeling when it comes to house projects. I’d like more of that, please!

I did get more of that feeling, even with friends and family. Later in the week, Jen came over and helped me clean up my half of the bedroom so that we could set up the co-sleeper, giving baby a place to sleep. The funny thing about the bedroom cleaning is that I’d gotten stalled on it so many times. I’d try to start, thinking I just needed an afternoon, and then would get overwhelmed. Now I know why - Jen and I worked together for 6 hours almost straight through (she made me take at least a 5 minutes sit-down break every hour, whether I wanted to or not). No wonder I couldn’t get it all done in an afternoon all by myself!

Next was a visit from my Dad, at my request, for some help getting stuff done around the house. He worked really hard! Matt and I had gotten the Christmas tree assembled (artificial) last week one evening, so now it was Dad’s job to put the lights on. I think he probably does not like to do lights, but it was his job at the holidays every year to put them on the tree, mostly because he’s really good at it! He takes the wires and puts them around the end of the branches so that each light stays put. He did, however, spiral the lights around the tree, on purpose, so that we’d have to go around and around and around and around the tree to take them off. Gee, thanks, Dad. * chuckle *

While he was working, I had a chance to sit and try to finish sorting out all the stuff that needed to go back into the bathroom cabinets. It was nice to have him around, listening to Christmas music, and working on different projects. I miss that. (We’re not too good at getting things done when we try to work at his house.) After the tree was done, we went to work on assembling the co-sleeper in the bedroom. Definitely one of those two-person jobs where one person reads the instructions aloud while the other person looks at them like they’re crazy! But, hey, we got it done! Now the baby has a place to sleep, which I thought might be the hold-up. (Apparently not, since the baby still hasn’t made an appearance.)

We sat down for a nice supper when Matt got home and then Dad finished up some things in the baby’s room for us (drawer liners, shelf paper on the changing table) before heading home to Reading for the night. He had the somewhat dubious honor of being one of the first people to hear Matt’s band, Mulch, practicing with the new soundproofing almost completed. Dad had much higher expectations for the soundproofing than I did, plus, the band was having an off night, and Mark was swearing in to the PA a lot. Even though Dad wasn’t really bothered by Mark’s language, I was feeling very awkward hearing the F-word amplified throughout my home while my 67 year-old Dad was visiting!

Speaking of parents, Matt’s mom Penny and her husband Verne started their drive up from Florida over the weekend and arrived in Delaware on Monday. That meant that Tuesday evening Matt and his Mom had a date to go do birthday and holiday shopping. Every year, they go shopping together, usually just after Thanksgiving to get Matt’s birthday and Christmas presents from his mom. We all went for dinner before the shopping excursion, and Verne’s daughter Carrie joined us as well. Even for all the stress in the relationship between Penny and me, we had a really nice time!

Today is Wednesday. I have a cold, again. Oh, joy. Seems like a constant state right now! The good news is that with the Christmas holiday coming up this weekend, I have my massage today instead of Thursday, and tonight Matt’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Pete are coming down for pizza and a movie, and Penny and Verne will be joining us, so we should have a pretty good evening. I keep hoping that some version of Murphy’s Law will kick in and put me into labor as people are arriving so that this baby will come. Somehow, I just don’t think I’ll be that lucky, but who knows.

We have had to change our answering machine message because the calls were beginning to roll in. Now it says “Hi! You’ve reached Matt and Anne. NO, we haven’t had the baby yet. YES, everyone is fine. Please leave a message.” We’ve also sent the “We haven’t had the baby yet, we promise we’ll let you know, and we’re not overdue until after the first week of January, so please, don’t call” email. I’m impatient enough already without everybody else pestering me!

I know there’s still plenty of time for baby to come, and I’m getting impatient to meet my baby! I guess this is payback for all the years of telling moms in my HypnoBirthing classes about how important it is to be patient and not get attached to due dates. What goes around comes around, eh?

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