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~ Meet Amanda

AmandaGreetings and let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I hail from the great northern state of Alaska. My childhood was spent engaging in a wide variety of activities ranging from berry picking, reindeer riding, and figure skating to moose hunting, fishing, skiing, and hiking. I was raised in the outdoors and just can't get enough fresh air and activity. I also am an avid runner. I recently finished a 1/2 marathon in Geneva, only to find out several days later that conception had indeed occurred! Funny to think that I carried that miniscule ball of cells for all those miles!!

In the year 2000 and at the ripe age of 17, I packed my bags and headed south for Colorado where I could continue to live surrounded by mountains with the added element of brilliant sunshine. I met my future husband through mutual friends in college in the spring of 2001. He was a hockey player, I was a figure skater, so we've created a little love story paralleling that of The Cutting Edge (if you can imagine) which blossomed in the spring of 2003. He continues to play hockey to this day as now it is his profession which yields somewhat of an adventurous, gypsy-type lifestyle for the both of us. We have lived near Boston, St. Louis, Peoria, Phoenix, and currently reside in Zurich, Switzerland. To add to the worldwide adventure, his side of the family is from a small town in Slovakia where he grew up. In essence, there is a large language barrier between myself and my in-laws which I have been working on gapping, albeit very slowly. I am hoping that the arrival of our little one will give me motivation to learn the Slovak language along with him or her. Although we deal with a language barrier at this point in time I have learned that actions do indeed speak much louder than words as I have felt extremely comforted and welcomed into the family from my first visit. My husband and I embrace the fact that we come from different cultural backgrounds and look forward to sharing our differences and similarities with our little "olive" in the (fast approaching!) future.

Professionally, I have just completed my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree this past August which I am very proud of. I had aspirations from a young age to be in a profession where I could promote health and activity and my dreams of completing this degree have come true! It most certainly was a long haul as I've been in school for the past seven years out of high school. The road was not easy but I look forward with excitement towards my future in this wonderful career. At the present I am not working as we are living abroad but I am hoping to pick up a short assignment this coming spring in the U.S. before our little bundle of joy arrives.

My husband and I said our "I do's" in my home state of Alaska in the summer of 2007. We began trying to conceive this past summer but were somewhat discouraged due to my extremely erratic periods. Somewhere along the line nature took its course as I discovered a faint pink line one early autumn morning as I stared in disbelief with sleep-crusted eyes. I wanted to scream and yell and shout and sing Britney Spears songs at the top of my lungs but I kept my cool and waited to tell him until he arrived home from a game at midnight (as it was officially his birthday then and I wanted it to be his birthday surprise). I left a card and a note by the front door telling him what a wonderful father he will be (with the addition of the test for proof and some Swiss chocolates, of course!). This will be the second addition to our family, as the first was in 2004 when we adopted a beautiful little golden retriever puppy named Heidi. Heidi, as her name suggests, fits in perfectly in Switzerland!

I wanted to write a journal because I am currently living abroad during this extremely exciting time in my life and I am not able to speak to many people on a daily basis as my German is less than adequate and coming along at the speed of molasses. I'm happy that you can experience this journey with me.

~ Amanda

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