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Week 10
~ Tale of the Looming Board Exam

homeOk . . . so for the last three years there has been a haunting task that has always been looming in my subconscious mind. That monster task is taking my national physical therapy board exam. D-day finally arrived and more or less I felt ready to take it on. Thankful to my jet lagged body, I had been waking up earlier in the mornings feeling refreshed and ready to go. This morning was no different. I was up early, made a hearty breakfast, stopped at Starbucks and headed toward the exam center. I am usually the frenzied, hyped up sort of test taker but this morning was different, I was actually feeling somewhat calm and relaxed! Did some alien take over my body? I almost feel now that I have a life inside my body, other major life events seem small in comparison. The exam was 5.5 hours, 250 multiple choice, patient presentation type questions with um . . . one scheduled 15 minute break! How was my newly pregnant bladder to last? Somehow it did and I only had to scurry out of the exam one other unscheduled time. However, I made it through feeling marginally good afterward and treated myself to a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and chocolate Frosty, wahoo!

Now that my board exam was behind me, I felt the like a ball and chain that had been wrapped around my ankle was suddenly freed! I felt like a new woman! I was definitely in the mood to celebrate! My best friend came over to my house after work bearing Hawaiian pizza and pistachio gelato, what an angel! We spent the evening indulging in food and playing around with baby name books.

The next day we met up with friends and went to a University of Colorado football game. I forgot how fun it was to hang out on a Saturday morning with all of the back to back tailgaters, the little kids with painted faces, and the families and friends all gathered around all hanging out and having a good time. These are the days that I really miss being in the U.S. I kind of slipped at brunch and told a few of my girlfriends about my current "condition." They were very excited and shocked all at the same time. I was glad that I was able to tell them in person rather than over the computer in an email.

I packed up and cleaned up the house this week in order to return back to my husband and doggie in Switzerland. I had an amazing two weeks back at home with family and friends and wouldn't have traded it for the world. I adorned my compression stockings and boarded the plane bearing a healthy load of wondrous U.S. snacks to take along with me. I prayed that the security wouldn't strip me of any of these valuable goods.

It was so good to see my husband and dog after two weeks away. It definitely was tough traveling so far in the first trimester of pregnancy though. I was stripped of most of my energy for the rest of the week and spent it trying to catch up on sleep and de-vampire my sleeping patterns (staying up all night and sleeping through the day). I think I'm finally (sort of) back on track!

~ Amanda

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