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Week 11
~ Jet Lag, and Mood Swings, and Fainting Spells . . . Oh My!

So last week I was pretty confident that I was over my 8 hour jet lag . . . in fact, not true. I spent the better half of this week continuing to attempt to battle the jet lag. The problem is that when you head east you are tired until the wee hours in the morning. Normally, I take melatonin to try and get my sleeping cycles back in order but now that I am pregnant I have tried to do this naturally . . . ugh. I am lucky in that there is nothing I absolutely have to wake up for now. But it is a drag with such short winter days to wake up at noon and have only a few days of light before it is dark again. Anyway, it is now Friday and I am hoping that my vampire nights are indeed over.

Then come the mood swings and the fainting spells which I have heard, of course, are often associated with the state of pregnancy. However, I believe the jet lag quadrupled my symptoms. On Tuesday, I went to the mall to spend a leisurely afternoon with my husband only to discover that I was anything but relaxed. I felt like every person I crossed was giving me a "look" combined with a nasty stare down. Maybe it was simply my imagination and usually I wouldn't think twice about it but it was really bothering me that I felt the world was taking me on, one Swiss citizen at a time. Even the woman at Starbucks taking my order stopped taking it after she apparently couldn't understand my English (even though the whole menu is listed in English) and continued with the evil stare down while another worker took my order from my husband. When we got our latte, it was only half full! So my hero of a husband (what a trooper) went back and had it re-made where it was actually filled to the top of the cup. When you spend 10 francs on a cup of coffee, you better hope they fill the thing to the brim! This must all sound petty and maybe it was (I usually don't dwell on these sorts of things) but I want to blame it on the jet-lag provoked sky high pregnancy hormones. Needless to say, I spent the night teary-eyed and feeling quite homesick.

And then there came the lovely fainting spell episode at the gym. I thank my lucky stars twenty times over that my Canadian girlfriend was there to save the day. I was exercising on a "skate" type machine where it is kind of like an elliptical machine but your movement is lateral (or out to the sides) sort of like you were on ice skates. I have been exercising aerobically (running, walking, biking) throughout the pregnancy so far and have been feeling pretty good albeit taking it easier than I normally would. As I stepped off the machine, I turned to face my friend on the machine next to me and stated, "not feeling so good . . ." Apparently I turned ashen white as I quickly lowered myself to the floor. My friend proceeded to douse my cool water from my water bottle and applied a cool towel to my forehead. Although I never completely went unconscious I was very close and the room was dark for about 15 good seconds. I was really glad it didn't escalate any further than this. I had fainted a year ago and it had been my first time so I was trying to be brave and "stick it out" . . . needless to say I ended up slamming my head on the wall on the way down. From that day forth I now know what it feels like when a fainting spell is coming on so I know to lower my body to the floor quickly. Nonetheless, our workout for the day was cut short and we went home early. I helped myself to several "feel better" homemade chocolate chip cookies I had made earlier in the week and took it easy for the rest of the day.

The week is coming to a close and I look forward to next week and the adventures that lie ahead. My aunt from Minnesota is flying in tomorrow to spend a week here and of course a Thanksgiving dinner with us. It should be a fun and eventful week so I look forward to telling you more stories next time around.

~ Amanda

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