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Week 12
~ Cat's Out of the Bag

Swiss WinterI'm going to start this entry by telling you my big news!! (besides being pregnant, of course) I passed my national physical therapy board exam! I was so happy and relieved to find this out and ready to celebrate with a tall glass of cool, bubbly water!

So this was a fast paced and exciting week for me. My aunt from Minnesota flew over to hang out and travel for the week. My husband also had three games this week which was fun for her to experience.

We started the week in Bern, which is the capital city. It is a neat older city with a real medieval feel. It is built along the steep banks of the river Aare and so geographically is also very neat. It was a very cold week here so we made sure we bundled up. I think that my aunt brought over some snow from Minnesota also because we had a beautiful snowfall the first day she arrived here. That night we watched the boys play an away game in Bern which is a huge rink, however, had to be the coldest rink I've ever been in. I was shivering the whole time but we made it through the game and the team lost in overtime.

TicinoOn Monday and Tuesday, we drove down to the Italian region of Switzerland, referred to as Ticino. The drive there was through several mountain passes and along several lakes and absolutely breathtaking on its own. The first day we walked around the city of Locarno and also Ascona, two cities that rest along the banks of Lake Maggiore. It was fun to be in the Italian region to experience the wonderful Italian food and also to listen to the Italian language; it flows so nicely! I had a scrumptious lunch of homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli. The second day we explored the city of Lugano. I have to say this was the most beautiful city I've ever seen in my life! It rests on Lake Lugano which is surrounded in all directions by jutting Alps and also has a Mediterranean climate so they get much more sun than we ever could dream of up north in Zurich! We went in several cathedrals and walked around the city with its many ascending and descending streets. To end our day here, we drove up Mount Bre and had lunch at a grotto, which is a small laid back Italian food place which seemed to be part of someone's house. I had a hearty meal of mushroom risotto. The drive was full of many sharp twists and turns and room only for one car, yikes. We managed to find a few places to pull over to take in the breathtaking view.

On Wednesday my aunt went to Lucerne while I stayed around the house to prepare it for the big Thanksgiving feast the next day. I also needed to catch up on some rest as pregnancy tends to steal some of the energy stores that used to be much bigger. It was also good to take a breather because I actually was experiencing a small case of the vomits, lucky me.

Thanksgiving was a busy day for me. I went for a relaxing run through the newly snow-dusted woods by our house with Heidi (our golden retriever). The rest of the day I spent in the kitchen: baking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning . . . you know how it goes. We have a small kitchen here so I really have to use my space as wisely as I can. When my husband got home from practice, he dressed up the turkey and got that going. I worked on my great Grandmother's homemade rolls (definitely a tradition), cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin bars for dessert. We had a wonderful meal and a relaxing night.

I also decided that Thanksgiving would be a good time to spread the news as much of my family and friends were off work and also together. I had my ear glued to the phone for several hours passing on the glorious news. Everyone seemed extremely excited for us. Although I am a little weary as I've only had one appointment so far, I am crossing my fingers that everything is still going smoothly. Our next appointment will be in a week and a half and I am very excited for it.

RheinfallsOn Friday we went to Basel which is a city in the northwest corner of Switzerland. It is very near the borders of France and also Germany. It is built along the riverbanks of the Rhein and has also a very nice cathedral and government buildings. Saturday we went to the Rheinfalls which is north of Zurich near the border of Germany. They are apparently the biggest falls in all of Europe. After that we drove to Stein am Rhein, a small village also along the Rhein river which had many neat shops and a wide variety of extremely ornate buildings, all with a completely different color/design. Whew, I need a very long nap!

Until next week . . .

~ Amanda

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