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Week 13
~ Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful

I just can't believe how quickly another week went by. As I was madly traveling all over Switzerland last week, this week I spent the majority of the time around the house re-grouping and relaxing. I spent some time cleaning (I won't bore you with the details) but the fun part was that I decorated our little Swiss apartment December 1st (thought this was reasonable), went downtown to do some Christmas shopping, and finally made my way back into my exercise routine.

One my favorite family traditions growing up in Alaska was when we would spend an entire weekend day as a family hiking through the deep woods in search for the perfect Christmas tree. My mom would brew a large batch of piping hot Ghiradelli hot chocolate and fill a Thermos to the brim. She would also make homemade Snickerdoodle cookies (as these are my dad's favorite) and also pack along a healthy portion of Gingersnaps. Our family of four + dog would pack on the layers of thermal underwear and Gore-tex and proceed to spend the day hiking through the deep snow arguing over which tree to claim. My mom (the artist) would always want the funky, Dr. Suess style Christmas tree. For example, if it had three major trunks (not being able to decipher which was the main one) it was definitely the apple of her eye. Other options included anything that was extra wide, extra bare, or any other rare form of tree would suit her fancy. However, she always had to battle the three of us who wanted the perfectly formed traditional tree. Needless to say, she often lost this endearing battle. I guess what brings me to paint this extensive family memory for you is that now we have a three foot tree out of a box here in Switzerland. It pained me to carry it out of the store last year, a light box that was easily carried off in one hand. I was used to sweating and chopping and hauling off gargantuan evergreen trees of deep woods Alaska. Not to disregard the beauty of our little Swiss tree-in-a-box, it is quite spirited actually, but I have to say it is still in my blood to re-initiate the tree hauling days of my youth someday with my family of the future.

Another piece of nature I am dreadfully missing is the snowfall of last week. I have to say that my version of "frightful" weather is the kind that is just over the freezing mark resulting in a freezing cold rain. This week brought warmer weather which in Zurich means cold rainfall and lots of it. All of the beautiful white now has dissipated making soggy, wet, muddy weather reminiscent of fall yet ten times as plentiful. This means that it is harder to play outside with Heidi because she turns into a mudball of dog that is tough to clean so it is harder to get her the exercise she needs. I can't believe I'm droning on about the weather; it seems like I should be preparing to be a great grandmother rather than a first time mom!

We continue to ponder whether the baby is still in there. I believe my belly to be getting a tad bit rounder but nothing has really "popped" yet. I am still fitting into my regular clothes and have been feeling really good. The only thing I haven't been able to do is sleep on my stomach (which is not the best position for your neck anyway!), however, I am a roller in my sleep so now I flop from side to side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock rather than complete barrel rolls. Luckily for my husband I steal less covers this way!

Next week I should have more baby news to report as we are heading to our second doctor's appointment. The doctor said that she would do additional blood testing along with the ultrasound imaging. We are very excited and can't wait for next Tuesday.

~ Amanda

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