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Week 14
~ Salt

If it's high salt content, I've got to have it. This week it was soy sauce. Oh yes, and movie theater popcorn. My husband, who has got to be one of the biggest eaters on the face of the planet, normally doesn't make any type of food comment to me about my eating habits. This week, however, was different. "Honey, don't you think you've had enough soy sauce?" Answer: "Of course not and why do you care?" The flavor of the rice was just intensified tenfold with each extra dollop of soy sauce. I could've just put the bottle up to my lips and drank . . . but don't worry, I didn't go that far. And don't even get me started on movie theater popcorn. In the past week, I got my husband to take me to two different movies. Little did he know, I had little interest in the movie itself. What interested me most was the popcorn I could secretly gobble by the handful in the safety of the dark theater. Usually I go for the small . . . I mean who really needs the dinosaur sized bucket? Now I know . . . the pregnant ladies. I went right for the "large" without a sliver of doubt regarding my decision.

I even got my husband to see a "drama" with me. To boot, we hadn't even heard of the movie beforehand, which as we all know, can be quite a gamble. Didn't matter . . . I wanted an alibi for my popcorn craving. The movie was called "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and actually was really good. A little slow moving but it was based in the Nazi-era World War II Germany. It was about a little boy whose father was a soldier supporting Hitler. They moved to the countryside where the boy has no friends. He secretly sneaks out of the house and makes his way to the concentration camp near his home and makes friends with a boy within the camp through the barbed wire. Won't spoil the movie but I have to say it was the type of movie where in the end no one in the theater budged because we were all stunned with sunken hearts and tear struck faces. I didn't tear up which was odd for me. However, once we got outside I was sobbing buckets in the streets of Zurich. My husband was sympathetic but at the same time giggling at me. I proceeded to sock him in the arm.

The most exciting part of the week was not the salt drenched food, however. We got to see our baby once again via ultrasound! The doctor was very pleased with all of the growth and development and was excitedly taking measurements and talking about the baby's heart valves, and brain ventricles, and skeletal development. We also decided that our child to be will be the next Ali. This baby was not kicking; rather, it was practicing its jabs-left, right, uppercut. Elbows were seriously flying. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." We're definitely in for it. It was still too early to distinguish gender and we have decided to find out so hopefully at our next visit in January! Baby also had her/his debut of leg stretching, thumb sucking, and fluttering about. What an exciting visit. While I was on my visit, I also had blood drawn for some additional testing. We left with lifted hearts and an envelope full of adorable pictures--little hands, little feet, heart chambers, knee joints, head profiles, and full body shots.

Next week my family is flying all the way from Alaska to Switzerland for the holidays. Poor things have about five connections each way but being the die-hards they are, they're coming. Don't know whether the greater motivation is the skiing in the Swiss Alps or seeing their daughter . . . hmm . . . I made my next doctor's appointment, however, for when they are here so they can go with me.

Hope everyone is safe traveling for the holidays and of course, not too stressed out!

~ Amanda

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