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Week 15
~ All Stuffed Up

AmandaWow . . . another week come and gone. Does anyone else feel that the Gods above are pushing some sort of "fast forward" button on the cassette player of time while they are relaxing on a gold sand beach, smiling, and drinking pina coladas? I can only imagine . . . Although time seems to be flying now, I anticipate time to fly even faster the closer I get to "baby time".

This week, amazingly enough, started off kind of slow for me. My husband and I were planning on a 13 hour car ride to visit his family in Slovakia. We're crazy right? Although I was feeling "gung ho" about the whole trip as I haven't been home with him in three years, I decided against the whole shenanigan the night before. I thought I could skim by smoothly without picking up the nasty head cold that seemed to be floating around town. But it nipped me right in the butt just as I thought I had avoided it completely. Unfortunately being pregnant and not being able to breathe though the nose seemed to hit me twice as hard. I felt pretty silly when I could barely get food down without losing my breath. And to think I ran a half marathon a few months ago!

The first few days were pretty miserable but having the amazing husband that I have I was able to sprawl out on the couch as I was waited on with hot tea, chicken noodle soup, and whatever else me heart desired. I swear I fall in love with this man more and more each day. My husband also proceeded to berate me if I was without a warm sweater on, socks, and slippers. Some days he reminds me of the Italian grandmother I never had!

Heidi in the snowAfter several nights of broken sleep, coughing, sneezing, and draining strange looking fluids, I seemed have battled through the worst. I swear my birthday came early the day I could once again breathe through my nose; a beautiful day indeed.

We were blessed with a few days of beautiful snowfall here in our little Swiss town of Kloten. This means that Heidi and I got some great exercise pretending we were running the Iditarod through the rolling hills of the Swiss woods. I don't know if it is the Alaskan in me or what, but I absolutely love a fresh snowfall. Nothing makes me happier (well this is a lie, but it does make me incredibly giddy). I also love seeing Heidi (my golden retriever) run through the snow . . . I think she loves it just as much as I do.

Switzerland winterI also got to spend two days this week in the beautiful town of Lucerne. Lucerne is a city in the heart of Switzerland which lies upon a lake with mountains jutting up on all sides. It has a lot of character and is a real fun city just to relax in and walk around. There is a Chapel Bridge which span across the waterway feeding into the lake which I believe is the oldest bridge in Europe. There is also a medieval wall that spans one side of the city, in the Old Town. There are also many fun shops, cafes, and restaurants.

My family also arrived late in the week. The poor souls flew all the way from Alaska to be here. My parents luckily made it in one piece but unfortunately their bags were abandoned in L.A. and didn't arrive until a day later. We've spent the last few days touring around Zurich and Lucerne and early next week we are heading up for a week's vacation in the little ski town of Wengen, near the steep face of the Eiger Mountain. For now, we are one cozy family relaxing in our little Swiss apartment with cheese, wine (me excluded), chocolate, and a fire in the wood stove. Ahhh . . .

Until next week . . .
~ Amanda

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