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Week 16
~ Happy Holidays Indeed

HeidiWhat a busy, fun-filled week we had! I was blessed with the presence of my beautiful family who flew all the way from Alaska to spend the holidays with us. And the bonus of a fun couple from Anchorage that are good friends of my parents. Somehow we became extremely popular now that we live over here in Switzerland. Our guest book seems to fill up quickly these days . . .

As far as the pregnancy goes, I've been feeling better than ever! There must be some truth to the second trimester feel good theory. I still question whether or not there is somebody in there. My energy levels have seemed to pick up, I am still fitting into my regular clothes, and no baby movement thus far. My next appointment is in a week and a half which I believe may be the tell-tale gender visit. Luckily my parents will be going with me. Unluckily, my husband will be traveling to Finland to play a game. He may just be receiving the news via text messaging! One thing I don't completely understand is the whole premonition deal. I've had several mothers tell me, "Oh . . . I was so sure that it was a ____." Honestly, I have no clue. My husband and I will be incredibly thrilled either way. We hope to have more than one child and I think it would be a blessing to raise one of each if we are so lucky.

ChristmasOur big holiday treat was our mini-vacation to the town of Wengen. Wengen is a little Swiss village tucked away on a mountainside below the infamous Eiger and Jungfrau mountain peaks. The fun thing is that it can only be reached by cable car so the town is car-free albeit a few European sized taxis on chained wheels. We rented a chalet that was comfortably fit for a group of 7 + dog which rested on the side of a steep slope with gorgeous views. The hardest part of the week was not being able to ski with the rest of the group. I absolutely love skiing but thought it would be for the best to avoid any type of collisions. I entertained myself in other ways by hiking around the area with my dog Heidi, riding the mountainside cable cars, and ice skating.

On Christmas Eve, the whole group went all the way to the top of the slopes entitled "Top of Europe". It is reached by several different cable cars that meander their way up various slopes, with the final stretch going through a long tunnel within the Eiger mountain. The railway was built in the late 1800's. The view from the top is 360 degrees of the surrounding Alps and is absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend it for anyone considering traveling through Switzerland.

ChristmasChristmas morning was met with a light snow and of course (a family tradition) of homemade baked cinnamon rolls. Of course being a parent-to-be, presents stop being about the parent and are focused on the baby to be. My parent's friends bought us an Alaskan one-sie that has moose all over it and says "I Moose Be Dreaming" and my parents gave us a plush sleeping bag for the baby. Around Switzerland, babies everywhere are stuffed into sleeping bags and then put into the stroller. It will be perfect for next winter.

We had a Christmas definitely to remember and are very thankful for loving, happy, and healthy family. I hope that everyone else is enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.

Take care and be safe . . .
~ Amanda

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