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Week 17
~ A White Canvas

We only get one English channel over here in Switzerland . . . CNN. As often as I try to avoid the monotony of the constant re-run stories, I sometimes allow myself to become sucked in. This week I witnessed a recent fear of my own become someone else's: a trans-Atlantic birth. Luckily for the new mother on TV, she had several doctors on board, one of which was a family practice doctor who had delivered for many years. The baby and mother reportedly were doing well in the end. Both were captured being wheeled out of the concourse on a snowy, Boston day. I hope and pray they won't have to re-run this particular story in the near future.

As much as I love the holidays, it always feels good to have them behind me. Sometimes I feel like I get sucked into the season with a belly full of sweets and many hours of endless lounging. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy these things, however, as December comes to a close, I get to thinking about what lies ahead and attempt to re-wire myself with a January jump-start. Now that 2009 has rolled around I am even more excited about the future and the new chapter of my life. It still seems like an unreality that I will soon be a mother but at the same time it feels completely natural and as I am usually the one to stress, I feel unbelievably at ease. This week I packed away our miniature Swiss tree in a box, unlaced the lights (only to become a frustrating tangle come next December, that is if they even decide to light), gently stashed away the jeweled ornaments, and boxed all the decorations. I feel as though I am a painter with a fresh white canvas before me and I feel refreshed.

I am still waiting on this whole belly to pop phenomenon but I anticipate it to happen soon. I now own the "ate too much for lunch" belly while I am anxiously awaiting the "voluptuous pregnant, there's definitely something in there" belly. I occasionally have put some maternity pants on but still am wearing my regular pants albeit the skinny jeans are getting kind of tight. What I am most anxious for, however, is the belly fluttering. I think a big part of the unreality of the pregnancy is that I still cannot feel the baby in there. I hope that it will happen soon but I'm sure once it starts kicking up a storm, I might wish to have these days back.

I got to spend the New Year celebrations with my family and their friends who are nearing the end of their stay in Switzerland. My friend from Finland was sweet enough to bring over "ohne" (without) alcohol champagne and a cute newborn baby outfit which I gladly accepted. My husband and I were, strangely enough, the only party goers staying up for the midnight chime. Moreover, I decided to drag my husband downtown Zurich for the fireworks display. It was a little crazy for me being pregnant and without an ounce of alcohol with drunk partygoers darting into my private bubble from every direction. The other downfall was that I forgot the trains into and out of the city run much less often during the later hours. We ended up having to wait for our train for an hour in the cold and got home around 2am. My pregnant body just can't handle these wee hours anymore. I woke up the next morning feeling hungover simply from the lack of sleep. Nonetheless, it was nice to spend time with my husband even though we were both little grumpsters.

My next doctor's appointment is coming up within the week. This should be an exciting one because as long as baby cooperates we will find out the sex. I am so excited! The baby should also be excited because the grandparents will be seeing her/him for the first time. Dad will be in Finland playing hockey but should anticipate quite a loaded text message!

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and may all experience happiness and health in the New Year!

~ Amanda

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