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Week 18
~ Surprise! I'm a ____!


That's right. Our little one revealed his plumbing at our visit this week. Dad was actually off playing hockey in Finland but both of my parents (the first time grandparents) were present with me. My dad was betting on a girl, I had no idea (albeit a slight indication it might be a boy since there was a suspicious "blip" (I'd call it) on the screen at the last visit although the doctor determined it was too early to tell; I took her word for it), and my mom was not making a bet either way. At first, it was looking like we would not be finding out as the baby's legs were expertly crossed. After another attempt, however, all was revealed. I continued to lie there with glossy eyes and a thundering heart; I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! I truly wasn't betting on either a boy or a girl, but I couldn't be more thrilled to be having a little boy. Moreover, he revealed to us a flexed bicep (dad would've been so proud) and really large feet!

I was also given the results of my blood testing from the prior visit. The testing revealed a very low chance of our baby having the possibility of being born with Down syndrome and/or other genetic presentations. Moreover, the doctor determined via ultrasound that my placenta is located anterior. This may be part of the reason that I haven't been able to detect any movement yet since the placenta is basically between my abdominal wall and the baby. She said, however, that this presentation is nothing to be worried about; it simply might take awhile longer for me to feel him kicking, punching, rolling, etc.

Now knowing the sex of our baby makes the pregnancy somehow feel more realistic. As far as baby naming goes, we had whittled down both a boy and girl list to about five names. Now I can drop one list entirely (although perhaps stash away for possible future use). The way we have done it is, I do the searching and my husband does the veto-ing. The mere sight of the "Baby Name Bible" frightens him thus I've been doing the researching. So far it has worked pretty well and no major disagreements have erupted. I really feel that with baby names, first impression is everything. There are simply names I have seen and liked right away and others I just can't stand. I guess you can't will yourself to like a name. I feel at this point that the searching is becoming a little monotonous. There is a baby boy name in our top five (that we have both agreed on) that keeps popping into my head, maybe I should take this as a sign . . .

My parents leave this week after spending three weeks in Switzerland with us for the holidays. It has been a wonderful time but I think that they are anxious to get back into their routines and for us, it will be nice to have the house quiet for awhile. I feel like I haven't even seen my husband for weeks! He's been really busy with hockey and I've been busy traveling around the country with my family. However, I will miss my family when they are gone as it is very difficult to be living an ocean + continent away from them, especially during such an exciting time of our lives.

~ Amanda

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