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Week 20
~ Baby in Britain

Amanda and Big BenHalf-cheese, half-pepperoni. No this is not the food I ordered last night, it's the current state of my face. I honestly thought the worst of the acne problems would be in junior high, however, my face these days seem to rival those of the past. It honestly would be quite the competition. Pregnancy hormones must be in full force. Ugg . . . I am hoping that the skin calms down a bit further down the road. I had to take the train downtown yesterday to purchase a new blemish-camouflage stick, yikes!

The other fun grotesque physical happening of this week was the morning nosebleeds. Oh I just love a morning wake-up call of "bloody nose". C'mon, it doesn't even give me time to relieve my bladder, brush my teeth, or feed the dog. I think our supply of toilet paper is also running out!

But enough about my unpleasant physical dramas, on to the fun stuff! My girlfriend and I randomly planned a last minute trip to London! I had been there once when I was younger, probably nine or ten. I honestly don't remember much except for balling my eyes out after my family drug me into the "London Dungeon," a full out life sized wax figure museum displaying the many different types of medieval torture complete with audible screaming and wailing (and to add to the drama, it was my birthday, I can recall). Needless to say, my friend and I decided to skip this little attraction this time around.

Amanda and London BridgeI started the excursion by taking the train from Zurich to Innsbruck, Austria where she now lives. The train wound through gorgeous jutting Alps on either side the entire trip. Even being from Alaska, I was awed by grandeur of these mountains. There seems to be a lack of "foothills" in the Alps, rather they seem to jut straight up from the horizontal ground. They reminded me of a scene out of "The Grinch" where he lives at the top of the jagged, steep edged snowy mountains and looks down over the town of Who-ville. We then took a flight from Innsbruck to London.

LondonIt honestly was the best therapy around- spending a weekend away in a new city with a fun girlfriend. I could've gone anywhere with this friend and had a good time--she is so easy-going and downright hilarious--always a good time with her. We honestly didn't have enough time as we would've liked in London (as there is so much to see!); we only had 2.5 days there. We saw two theater shows-"Chicago" and "Thriller" (a production honoring the life and work of Michael Jackson). Both were absolutely phenomenal and I would go to see each again if I could. Of course, we couldn't go to London without a little bit of shopping thrown in, so we got our fix the first day.

LondonThe second day we spent seeing the big sights: Buckingham Palace (complete with changing of the guard ceremony), Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London, and the London Bridge just to name a few. We took one of the double-decker bus tours where they talk as you're riding about the history of the buildings and locations. You could hop off at any site and walk around as the buses came every 15 minutes, so you could hop back on when you felt like it. And of course, no trip to London would be complete without afternoon tea and crumpets (well, we couldn't find crumpets but we thought that sounded like a splendid idea).

LondonMoreover, my friend and I were blown away by the friendliness of the people of London. There was no shortage of British men to help with our suitcases up and down the subway stairs, for example. I would say, overall, the city had a very pleasant feel to it. Perhaps my view was somewhat influenced by many months living in Switzerland where a "fend for yourself" type of attitude is forever present. To me, the city had a very "jolly," I would call it, mood, which I very much appreciated. Plus the fact that everyone around us spoke English made us all the happier. Being able to read city signs has never been more exciting! To top it all off, the convenience store had Doritos and cherry soda, commodities we have been months and months without. Needless to say we indulged a bit. It's the little things from home you miss the most when you are away.

Exciting baby news--this week marks halfway! It's crazy how fast the time flies . . . before I know it baby will be a new face in the world.

~ Amanda

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