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Week 21
~ He shoots, He scores!

Boisterous fans fill the seats, it is packed; a full house. The fresh sheet of ice is shining, the large silver cup gleaming from a distance. Hearts are pumping, children screaming, throats guzzling beer (except by me, of course; however, I did go out on a limb and ordered a Coke for the thrill of it). It is the final game in the 2009 European Champions League ice hockey. The skaters enter the ice and the crowd roars, the game begins. First period: we are up by 1-0. Second period: Dad scores!! Right in front of us, too . . . I know our little baby was doing somersaults to celebrate! Bam, bam, bam! Three more goals are added to finish the game with flying colors against the fuming Russian opponents (5-0). The paparazzi storm the ice (the boys might as well of had a red carpet laid out for them), "We are the Champions" is booming from the stereo system, and the crowd goes wild!

That's right, the big excitement of our week was my husband and his team winning the European Championship title. Swiss hockey teams often do not win this title (or maybe this was their first, I should find out); regardless, they were underdogs and they came out on top. Needless to say, it was an exciting night. I decided I was going to brave the wee hours in order to stay up with the wives/girlfriends to celebrate. However, by the time the boys finally arrived back from the game it was 2am (yes that's right, two in the morning). My husband and I hung out for a couple of hours and then took a cab home at 4am (I know not very smart of me). On the cab ride home, however, I spotted a Domino's pizza store I never knew existed! All year I have been complaining about the lack of greasy, deep dish, artery clogging pizza from home that I would have to wait months for . . . no longer. The next evening I dragged my husband out to drive across town to pick up our prized pizza. Ah, the beauty of pregnancy cravings.

I'm finally noticing this belly starting to pop a bit. Anyone off the street would probably have no clue but this is most likely due to the piling on of thick winter clothes. Or perhaps they would ponder whether this girl had eaten a large helping of Domino's pizza the night before: check and check. Just wait until spring comes around and there will be no more hiding this growing tummy! A girlfriend of mine gave me a late Christmas present that she ordered from home, it says "what's kicking" . . . very cute. She was waiting to find out what I was having so she could order associated colors. Speaking of kicking--still waiting on it myself but I'm sure he's in there having his own little party that I have yet to experience. And after several late hours of hockey celebration European techno beats this week, there is no doubt he is in there working on his rhythm.

This week I also took on mama bear like tendencies and went into hibernation. I know the literature speaks of this second semester energy peak but I am feeling almost the opposite. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer? I blame it on the short winter days (oh and maybe my late night on the town). I've been laying around the house like it's nobody's business; I'm hoping the arrival of spring and yes perhaps the appearance of that big ball of light we call the sun will lull me out of this winter hibernational (mmm . . . don't think this is an actual word but I'm going to leave it anyway because it sounds cool) state.

Next week we go to check on our little babe. I believe the doctor had mentioned previously taking a good look at all of his organs this visit. Hopefully they all exist and are, for the most part, in place. I will of course let you know how this one goes.

Also, am posting a few pics of our little man. They were taken at either 14 (when his whole body fit in the screen) or 18 weeks (the sex differentiation visit). Sorry so late but I actually convinced my husband that we were in dire need of a scanner. Guess who won?

~ Amanda

ultrasound 12-9-08 ultrasound 12-9-08

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