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Week 22
~ It's gas! It's indigestion! It'!?

I was nestled under my covers one night this week reading for few minutes before I drifted off to another night of slumber when I felt a strange rumbling coming from my belly. Is that? Could it be? Baby?? It was definitely unlike any sensation I've ever had before. Yes, I had devoured a good share of enchiladas for dinner followed by a nice dollop of ice cream but I am convinced this was something different. I could best describe it by saying it felt like my stomach was chewing a large lump of Bubbalicious (the super sugary kind) of gum, blowing a large oversized bubble and then it going "pop" (over and over might I add)! Truly strange . . . inconceivably exciting. I quietly laid there for awhile taking it all in before I jumped out of bed to share the news with my husband. Over the past week I have felt these strange bubbly sensations every now and then. I am convinced it's my little guy making his moves in there!

Biceps baby!My husband and I also went in for another check-up this week. The doctor wanted to take a good look at all of his organs, brain, and spine. It was so fun to see him again! I don't think it's something that would ever get old. He is also getting so big; it is truly amazing how quickly they grow in there. The doctor seemed to think that all is looking good at this point. We got to see a close up of his face; he was sticking his tongue out at us! He showed us all ten fingers and toes but one thing that stuck out was on one foot the second, third, fourth toe were all considerably larger than the big toe. The doctor asks us if this runs in our family; we both looked at each other and said "um . . . no". I am hoping he was simply flexing his big toe because it was quite a big difference between the two! And not to be the bragging mother type but I'm just going to go ahead anyway . . . his biceps are huge! I will attach a picture for proof.

All else is well. My tummy is really starting to noticeably round out which is a lot of fun. My husband has started calling him by his name (so I'm guessing we'll be sticking with it; we both love it so that's great, no big arguments here). He loves to rub my belly and talk to the baby, it's very endearing.

It shall be another big week of traveling as I have a girlfriend from home coming out to visit for the week. I feel like I should start charging for my Swiss tour guiding services! Just kidding, it's been the biggest treat to have friends/family come and visit all the way over here. I help them combat the jet lag with the new espresso machine . . .

Also this week I went dramatically from a blonde to a brunette. I hope these pregnancy hormones aren't fueling all of my crazy ideas but nonetheless, it is fun for a change. My husband didn't even recognize me when I came in the door! I am just getting used to the new color. I wanted a fun change (not that my daily swelling belly isn't change enough, but anyway . . . blame it on the hormones, right?)

Groundhog day (according to my planner) was this past week. I really hope that groundhog saw spring coming early because I am ready for some warmer air and spring flowers!! And if he didn't forecast it, I will hunt him down . . . (just kidding again). Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

~ Amanda

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