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Week 23
~ Mystery Man

Bacterei RochThis past week whirled by in a blur of events. I had the rare treat of having a girlfriend from home come all the way out to visit. Unfortunately the weather was not so cooperative (I don't think the groundhog forecasted an early spring this year!). A lot of fresh snow (which is nice) but this also means that the roads were not great for driving and the visibility was bad (if you want that pristine crisp view of the Alps it's kind of disappointing). However, we made the best of the week by traveling to places closer to Zurich. We hiked a ridge up above the city, had many cups of piping hot chocolate, went to a few medieval castles/walls/forts/cathedrals, and went out for an English movie. Oh and of course we couldn't let her leave Switzerland without an artery clogging, scrumptious fondue dinner in a none other than an original fondue "hut" (complete with tree growing up through the middle).

I find that my energy levels this week were waning a bit. I tried to warn my friend that without my afternoon nap I tend to get a little crabby (I am a cancer sign, however, which is a crab, so I should be allowed to get away with it, don't you think?) Anyhow, I fit them in when possible which made me happy. Another thing that makes me really tired is driving. We spent quite some time in the car and there is nothing like driving around in overcast February weather that could make a pregnant lady fall asleep at the wheel (not to worry, however). I simply can't rely on the good 'ol roadside cuppa joe caffeine fix to keep me going these days!

Swiss AlpsMy husband got quite a Valentine's present this week and guess what it wasn't from me! I woke up really early on Valentine 's Day in order to drop my friend off at the airport. I have noticed that baby tends to be most active around 6 or 7 in the morning. I grabbed my sleepy husband's hand and put it over my belly where I felt the most activity. He was really excited to feel him "kick" for the first time! II was overjoyed as well because I am not dreaming up these so called "kicks," they are truly real! I feel him from time to time but the movements are still somewhat subtle. I would like to call it more of a "flutter" than an actual "kick" at this point in time. I have to say it is probably second only to finding out I was actually pregnant in levels of sheer excitement. I don't really feel him when I am up and about but only when I sit or lie down and relax a little. Oh . . . there goes one just now!

Today we went in for a 3-D ultrasound. We were so pumped to see baby again!! Unfortunately, baby was not so thrilled to see us. He was in the utmost hidden position that he could possibly be in, according to the doctor. He was positioned right up snug to my placenta, curled up with both hands wrapped together in front of his face, facing downwards away from the camera! Talk about a shy baby!! She tried several times to get a good look at his face with no avail. We did, however, get an excellent up close and personal view of his bum and plumbing. I am definitely going to have to tease him later in life that we paid 100 Swiss francs for a prime view of his backside! According to the 2-D picture he is going to be a downhill skier. He was in the perfect crouched position to go flying down a steep slope if you could only slap some skis on in utero. It was a little disappointing that we couldn't get a better view of his face but I guess he is just waiting for the grand finale: birth! I guess we simply have a "Mystery Man" on our hands.

~ Amanda

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