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Week 24
~ Homecoming

So I have to make this one short and sweet . . . last minute; I am flying back to the U.S. for the spring/summer . . . ummm . . . tomorrow. This means I must once again pack my life away and move on to the next chapter. I was just a little nervous packing up my things because last time the movers moved our things over here not everything made it . . . ugg. And you wouldn't believe how much crap (excuse my French) one accumulates after living in an area for months on end. I can't imagine how much more things will accumulate once baby is in the picture as well. I am a bit nervous because I am flying with our dog, Heidi, and I always get those motherly nerves. To top it off, we have to drive all the way to Frankfurt, Germany (3-4 hour drive) before the flight. This is because we can get a non-stop flight home which is actually much easier on the dog. I was in tears today because it always hits me hard when I have to be away from my husband for longer periods. It comes along with the lifestyle but it is not always easy.

This week baby was "kicking" (or flipping or jousting or squatting) or whatever he's doing in there and I get to feel him even more. One night he was moving quite a bit so I had my husband come in and feel it too. He also put his ear up to the belly and I told the baby to "kick him"! He followed orders quite nicely.

This week I started to search around online also for baby things we would need and to add things to my baby registries. It's amazing all the different things one has to consider when buying the magnanimous amounts of "baby gear". Holy moly. It is also fun though and my husband is a really good online researcher so he has in mind which stroller, car seat, etc. he really likes for our baby. I am excited to go home and start checking these things out. I honestly haven't done any preparing for baby over here (besides eating well and such) because we wouldn't buy anything over here, it's just way too expensive and of course we'd just have to cart it across the Atlantic. I did the researching for fun stuff like baby room colors and things. I found a set of linens/decorations I really like. There are monkeys (so fun!) and the colors are chocolate brown and green which I love.

I'd better go so I can finish packing. I hope everyone has an enjoyable week. I will report back when I am back on U.S. soil.

~ Amanda

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