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Week 25
~ Gone Bananas

I've spent the last week, once again, battling an 8 hour time zone change. Not without the added battle of making the long trip home (with dog might I add). My husband and I left our apartment in Zurich at 5 am last week only to drive out of the garage into a world of blinding snow. My poor husband had to drive though the snow for four hours to Frankfurt and then four hours home that day (bless his heart!). It always makes me crazy nervous when they wheel our dog away at the airport to take her to cargo (bless HER poor heart!). I always ask the flight attendants when I board the plane to let me know that my dog makes it on ok before takeoff. However with a large international flight somehow, my request easily got discarded and I just hoped and prayed she was somewhere on the giant aircraft with us. Clearing U.S. customs with the dog was another wonder of the past week that I can't even begin to relay to you the amount of joy spent doing this task (by my swollen/dehydrated/nervous train wreck pregnant self). Once I myself had cleared customs and got my own suitcases and piled it all on a cart, poor Heidi had been waiting for me well over an hour. I asked some English gentlemen for help loading her in her kennel onto my loaded to the ceiling cart and then proceeded to weave her back and forth through those horrid 180 degree (extremely narrow might I add!) lines. I looked like a crazy bag lady; the two of us must have been quite the spectacle! Heidi was happier than ever to be out of her kennel and back on solid ground. Finally, we made it home!

Baby's ClosetNow that I am home, I am going bananas over buying for baby. My first stop was to Babies R' Us and I have to admit I've never been so intimidated in my whole life! That store has everything but for a first time mom I was almost horrified by the endless aisles of things! I decided to peruse around and just get a general sense of the things and more things that they had to offer. Bathtubs, and baby slings, and breastpumps, oh my! I picked up a few things like a pack of newborn diapers and wipes . . . only to get home to find out the wipes will expire before baby is even born! Whoops . . . my husband got quite the kick out of this, however. How was I to know? I am just trying to prepare! I did, however, go a little bananas (I am really liking this word this week) for the cute little baby outfits. How irresistible are they?!? I found some cute winter clothes for when he is older because they are on great sale right now being out of season. We will be back in Switzerland next year and so I am buying ahead because of this. I found a snowsuit for $6, so exciting! When we looked at baby clothes over the past few months in Switzerland, baby hats themselves ran around 80 francs!! Needless to say, we won't be buying any baby outfits abroad next year. This is my justification for going bonkers (see I pulled out a new word) over sale baby clothes here. I even bought him little hangers and hung up his clothes in order for smallest to largest. I took a picture and sent it to my husband through email so he could get excited too (or to prepare him for the bills later . . . either way).

Another exciting happening of this week was that I asked an amazing friend of ours to be our baby's Godmother. She gladly accepted and we both teared up a little smack dab in the little breakfast café. It is nice to know that our baby will always be in good hands no matter what the future might bring! We celebrated with frapaccinos. However, the celebrations quickly ended when my stomach started doing hurdles and I had cramps the size of Texas hit me like a mack truck. My friend drove me in my car back to her place where I proceeded to moan and ache and sprawl out on her couch for an hour. Just as hard as it came in, the feeling of sickness went out and I felt much better. There will be no more frappacinos in the near future, I can tell you that much. I felt like a horrible mother feeding my baby these things and will definitely not be doing anything like that again. I learned my lesson the hard way, and rightfully so.

This week was tough on me emotionally as well. I am so thankful to be back in our lovely, comfortable home and around friends but I am slightly depressed without my husband around. Throughout our relationship we have spent many years actually doing long distance. However, now that I am used to being around him all of the time, the separation is almost unbearable. As annoyed as I get with his dirty sock piles and his endless jokes on me, he truly is my other half and I feel less of myself without him around. Even cooking meals for myself is highly unmotivating but I have to remind myself that I am actually cooking for two and I need all of the nutrition I can get. This will be a tough period for me without him around but it comes with the territory of the type of life we lead. Overall, I consider myself extremely lucky to have such a wonderful husband who I fall more in love with every day and for us to have a comfortable lifestyle in tough economic times. The thing I miss most is that he tucks me into bed every night. I guess I'm just spoiled.

Until next week . . .
~ Amanda

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