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Week 28
~ Nesting

Desert HikeI've read over the months in several different pregnancy books about the intense amount of gas one might expect over the course of the pregnancy. I've heard a correlation between a busload of teenager boys and a pregnant lady with gas. Not until this week did I truly begin to understand this correlation. I've been so gassy I could probably launch a hot air balloon full of elephants into outer space. And the craziest thing is I don't even know when they're coming. I've always been aware of the need to pass gas ahead of time and have been prepared to muffle when necessary. Now the 'toots' take me by surprise and they don't always occur in the comfort of my own home, if you will. It must be all that baby pressure, yikes! And I'm guessing this aspect of the pregnant lady functioning doesn't get any better as this baby gets bigger. But enough about my bodily malfunctioning.

The beginning of the week I was still down in Arizona spending time with my parents. My mom and I went on a beautiful hike above the city of Tucson in a place called Sabino Canyon. We made sure to bring lots of water and snacks. We actually ended up making it up to the top and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking (I will attach a photo). I felt really good for the most part and was glad that I was able to do this exercise at this point in the pregnancy. I always feel so refreshed when I can get myself in out exploring the great outdoors.

Upon return home, however, I have switched my dials towards 'nesting' mode. Yesterday I actually rearranged a large bed that is in the baby's room by myself (much to the disapproval of my husband whom I've already been scolded by). I was taking measurements and realizing that the crib and changing table would in no way fit by the current furniture arrangement (thus the heavy pushing/pulling episode). I also went nut-so organizing. I bought one of those plastic tower of drawers and put it in the closet where I arranged each drawer by month 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 . . . I also packed things accordingly into gallon Ziploc bags (I warned you I was going crazy!). I also bought a diaper pail, a hamper, and a little matching trashcan. Now everything that will need to be discarded has its place. I also bought his bedding set which is so incredibly adorable! The colors are green, chocolate brown, and cream and it has little bunnies and meadow grasses. It is very modern looking which works well with our house and other furniture. We already had painted that room last summer a light yellow and already have a bed in the room which the bedding matches. I also bought wooden letters from the craft store (in his name so most likely it will stick!) and am having my girlfriend spray paint them chocolate brown for me (so I can avoid the toxic fumes) and then I will paint the bunny meadow theme on the bottom of the letters to match.

I am getting so excited for this little guy's arrival I can almost taste it! But I am also fully aware of the time still left and the need to be patient. I've been taking things day by day and also been taking it easy, fitting in naps when I can and taking breaks when needed. It is hard to slow myself down, though, when I have so much excitement bottled inside!

~ Amanda

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