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Week 29
~ Contentment

Every once in a blue moon, Denver experiences a massive snowstorm that basically is of a magnitude to shut down the entire city. This can be a lovely experience for those who enjoy the occasional snow day--a day to take off work or school and to clam up inside, sip a hot beverage, and watch the snow as it piles high outside the window. With my luck, however, Denver's mammoth snowstorm had to hit the day my husband was flying home. I spent the morning digging my truck out and jumping it with my other car (poor vehicle is left outside throughout the winter while we are living abroad). I drive it down to the shop to get it fixed as I am hoping and praying this is the vehicle I will ride out the storm in, making my way across town to get my husband. I walk home through the horizontal snow drifts with my dog, my car being diagnosed before I even make it home (ok we were trudging very slowly here). Good news--it will be fixed by the afternoon. Bad news (several hours later) the parts delivery man is off the road somewhere and the shop is shutting down for the day. At this point I realize that my efforts are waning and there is just probably no possible way I will get to my husband with the current conditions. Moreover, I am worried sick all day about his plane landing in the storm. By this time I had come to the realization that most likely the pilots would divert to a different city (and who knows when I would see him next . . .)

But Christmas came in March! My husband eventually made it home many hours after his plane, outrageously enough, had landed in the city and he had hailed the last cab from the airport home (2 hours and a hundred dollars later--usually a half hour drive). I had turned on my TV and was watching the American Idol singers belt, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and I'm thinking, "how appropriate . . . ain't no snowstorm large enough to keep me from you, babe!" I mean, how dramatic can things get here! (I guess I was counting my lucky stars that my due date was not in late March because this would have been more drama than I could've stood). Nonetheless, I happily now have my family back together again in our own home and things are as good as they get.

There always has to be a caveat, however. Lately I've experienced remarkable physical functioning with the pregnancy coupled with emotional instability. Things definitely flipped a 180 on me this week. My emotional functioning has blossomed with the return of my husband but my physical functioning decided to turn on me. Go figure . . . For a few days this week I experienced unrelenting nerve pain starting from my buttocks and traveling all the way down the backs of both of my legs. This pain was so disabling that I could barely stand, nonetheless, walk. I could describe it best by saying I felt as though I was having heart attacks down the backs of both my legs as if the breath was taken right out of them. The good news is that it has only affected me two days this week. My best explanation is that the baby had somehow shifted directly over my sciatic nerves exiting my spine and was resting right in that perfect spot to say, "get on my nerves!" I'm just happy that the symptoms tended to go away after a good night of sleep.

Other than the nasty nerve pain, things couldn't be better. I continue to exercise at the gym and take walks with the dog every day. I have noticed, however, fatigue settling in more easily than before. I'm trying to take things easy and take breaks throughout the day to keep myself fresh and energized.

The baby is more active than ever now, as well. He's in there practicing his karate kicks and boxing jabs and perhaps some salsa dancing too! It's absolutely amazing to lay there and watch his movements across my belly as though I'm watching waves crash at the beach. This has to be one of the coolest things ever to experience. I still have a hard time believing there is anything other than an alien residing in my belly. I can't fathom an actual human in there. Even with all of the movement it is all still very surreal.

The baby's room is really coming along. His crib came this week. My husband and I assembled it together this past weekend. I think it was fun for him to do something for baby as I've been shopping and buying and organizing since he's been gone. My husband was also in awe of all the little outfits and gifts and things for the baby. It was almost like Christmas for him. I'd be showing him one thing and he'd be grabbing something else, he was so excited to check everything out!

Overall, it's been a very eventful and exciting week. And alas, I am content . . .

~ Amanda

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