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Week 32
~ A Long Winter

baby showerIt's officially time for Old Man Winter to buckle down and hibernate. If we could just locate him a fresh pair of pajamas and a toothbrush, I will personally tuck him into bed myself. Seriously, this winter has really dragged on and I am more than ready to appreciate some change in seasons, longer daylight, and some long overdue sunshine. I can hear the Beach Boys singing "Good Vibrations" in the back of my head. I am good and ready for summertime, baby!

The main reason I have such strong feelings on the weather is that the past week Denver again got hit by another big snowstorm. I would love this if it happened in December. But it's nearing May and I just can't fathom pulling my big "Michelin Man" down jacket out of the closet one more time. Talk about a tease for a ski/snowboard lover who is in her eighth month of pregnancy. I would absolutely love to do some spring skiing with this dumping of snow but it's just not going to happen this time around. Thus, came on the "cabin fever" of the past week. There's only so much laying around the house I can do before I go absolutely crazy (I think my husband picked up on this). And the snow wasn't exactly the fun, fluffy kind you can roll around in and create beautiful snow angels. It was thick, sloppy, and really wet. I was lucky I didn't have any big spills while out walking the dog.

Regardless of the silly weather, this past week was full of fun stuff. My husband and I attended "baby care" class aka "diapering for dummies." We learned all sorts of helpful things like how to swaddle and burp baby. What I found particularly helpful was what to expect before, during, and after birth at the hospital. The class was run by one of the nurses who works on the floor so we got a heads up on how they operate and what they will do with our newborn once he arrives in the world. Some of things we learned seem like second nature but hopefully when we are low on sleep and stamina these little tidbits of information will become light bulbs that just magically appear.

Baby Shower Diaper hatsYesterday, one of my girlfriends threw me a fabulous baby shower. To say the least it was very "non-traditional." My friends tend to get a little wild and crazy and nothing stopped them in the midst of a baby shower celebration. There was a lot of dancing, "airplane style" baby food feeding, "baby bottle" bowling, and diaper hats abound. I received a lot of great gifts too. One of my crafty, Martha Stewart type friends is knitting a blanket for us. We also got a baby food processor (so we can make our own food at home). The machine apparently both steams and then purees the food. We also got a fun waterfall sounds/jungle theme music maker and an adorable Adidas track suit. I feel very fortunate to have such fun, supportive (not to mention overly rambunctious) friends in my life.

We see our physician today. Hopefully all is progressing well. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again. I've honestly felt so great, physically, throughout this entire pregnancy. At this point I am feeling the extra weight and forward shift in my center of gravity. I realize I tend to get tired more easily than before. But overall, I feel amazing. And I was remembering back to my early days of pregnancy when my teenager acne was making a rampant comeback. My skin has remarkably cleared up and I feel like I have that "glow" of pregnancy over my skin (which I am loving). I hope it stays around . . .

~ Amanda

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