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Week 33
~ In Bloom

The spring flowers aren't the only thing 'in bloom' this spring season. My belly has definitely begun its own spring blossoming. After hiding it behind winter jackets all fall and winter, I finally am able to showcase it in some spring attire. For the first time in my pregnancy, I am getting public awareness of the belly (and it's actually kind of fun). It makes everything feel that much more real.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I have nothing much to report this week. We had another check-up with the doctor, and she seems to think everything is progressing very nicely. Starting around 36 weeks, she will start monitoring the baby's position in preparation for birth. For the time being, she is monitoring (externally) the size of my uterus and the baby's heart rate.

My husband and I have gotten quite a kick out of the 'lop-sidedness' of my belly. Our little guy has definitely favored the right side of my belly. There is something very large and prominent that is sticking out to the bottom right. My Pilates instructor (whom I saw today) is convinced that large prominence is his bottom along with his legs wrapped upwards on the right and his head to the bottom left. As I was in a side-bending, tough to maintain position, she had the other people in the studio come and see for themselves. Apparently they could see it too (and I would guarantee they have a better angle than I do). So perhaps that is how he's lying in there. My own little diagonal upside-down pineapple cake! This would make sense, though, as I've experienced some intense kicking under the rib-cage. Yet these jabs are always on the right side and never on the left.

The annoying part of the week is that I've captured some nasty cold that seems to be going around. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on this bizarre spring weather we've been having. Again yesterday we woke up in a blanket of snow whereas a few days earlier I was out on the lawn in a tank top tanning. Talk about the highs and the lows. This cold has taken a toll on my precious 8-10 hour uninterrupted sleeping patterns I've been having. The last few nights I've experienced interrupted sleep where I have difficulty breathing and then I have to get up and pee and then I am frustrated at the lack of positioning I can fall back to sleep in (flip left, flip right, flip left, and right). I feel like a pancake in bed. And this is not a happy pancake with lots of butter and syrup. Rather, I feel more like the last pancake that no one has room in their stomach for so I lie out and dry up on the kitchen counter type of pancake.

On the upside of things, I am really looking forward to meeting our little guy! I can't believe how fast approaching it is. It is truly amazing how quickly pregnancy has flown by. I can't believe I'm already in week of 30's and fast approaching labor and delivery. From what I hear, things don't exactly 'fly by' when you're nearing the end so I guess I'll have to see for myself.

My husband and I start our childbirth classes in the next week. I think it's interesting how many people have asked me if I'm "scared for childbirth." I also think it's interesting how many women try to freak each other out with stories of labor and childbirth. I guess I'm not about to concern myself with negativity at this point. I understand that each woman's bodies (and their baby's bodies) are so different that there's no way you could possibly compare one experience to the next. I think it is amazing how we, as women, are able to experience something as miraculous as bringing another life into the world. I realize all of the negative aspects that stress can create for the body and so I am going to try and take things as they come and stay as calm and composed as possible. All I can wish for is the end result of a healthy baby!

~ Amanda

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