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Week 34
~ My Weekly Battle

I should have been biting my tongue over the last few weeks when I've mentioned how great physically I've felt. It came back around to bite me in the butt. I've spent the entirety of the past week battling a nasty cold that simply won't pack its bags and leave town. The nagging congestion has made my prior nights of beauty sleep ones of the distant past. With the baby pushing up into my lungs/diaphragm/ribs, the clogging of both nasal passages, and a really sore throat, it's a wonder I haven't simply passed away in the middle of the night with the lack of any oxygen getting into my body.

To add to the nightly drama, the baby now squishing my bladder has made numerous trips to the bathroom a new ritual. I wake out of my sleep, roll to my side (feeling like a large whale or some type of sea mammal) and heave myself upright. Once out of bed, I maneuver through the dark scanning for the outline of my golden retriever's body strewn across the floor, only to trip over her in the process. I try to keep any type of follow-up utterances under wraps as my husband is so peacefully sleeping in the bed beside me (grrr . . . ). When I return to bed, I lie back down, shove the body pillow between my legs and attempt to cozy myself in either position A). left side-lying or position B). right side-lying (whoop-tee doo). When I have found a side that suits me for the time being I realize that my tummy is growling up a storm. I attempt to wave off the feelings of nagging mid-night hunger and try to find a happy place. Then I realize I can't really breathe. And swallowing feels like pins and needles and is incredibly painful. If I'm lucky I might drift back to my precious slumber . . . for the time being.

On Friday morning I woke up feeling worse (and I've had the cold for almost a week now). To boot I sounded like a woman who spent the evening smoking five packs of cigarettes (no fear, I can't stand those awful things, pregnant or not!). I was beginning to wonder whether or not I had strep throat. My husband pushed a visit to the doctor. We went to the urgent care doctor in town and of course waited amidst the crowd of folks determined they had the caught the infamous swine flu (complete with masks adorned). They swabbed my throat, took my temp, blood pressure, etc. Turns out I didn't have strep, so she prescribed me a throat medicine to help with my symptoms.

My battle is perhaps slowly being won but I have to say I definitely don't feel anywhere near 100% (maybe more around 70). Hopefully I can win this battle in the coming week. The funny thing is that the two times I've felt physically sick during this pregnancy were both times I had a nasty winter/spring cold. It just doesn't help getting these seasonal illnesses when you're already pregnant and feeling tired and cramped (in more ways than one!).

Emotionally speaking, I can't believe how close I am to the end! This pregnancy has really flown by. People keep reminding me how soon I will have my baby and I guess I just can't comprehend the reality of it all. I guess I've forgotten over these weeks how pregnancy is really a 'passing' bodily state. I feel like I've simply grown so accustomed to being pregnant and having this other heart beating inside and moving around, I can't even imagine being without him in there. It's really a strange feeling. I feel as though being pregnant is just a part of me now. Guess it won't last forever. It's a bittersweet feeling because I really have loved being pregnant but I am also really excited to meet my little guy and for the next (huge) stage of our lives. My husband and I just look at each other and are like "we're having a baby!", almost as though I just discovered a positive home pregnancy test!

Good news of the week: the car seat came! My husband ordered it on the internet (as he does on most every product he ever buys--surprised he doesn't buy his gum online . . .) And of course it was on backorder. I was envisioning him leaving my side during labor in order to drive to babies r' us to buy one so we could take our little one home from the hospital with us. Alas, it is here with us and I am a happy camper. Our changing table/dresser also came this week. My husband went to work putting it together yesterday and it looks beautiful in his room right along his crib. I even have a diaper caddy all ready to go complete with diapers, wipes, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, vasoline, q-tips, and more. Now all we need is baby!

~ Amanda

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