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Week 35
~ First Mother's Day

35 weeksI got exactly what I wanted for my first mother's day-a large steamy stack of French toast and three (technically four) guys to celebrate with! For the past several years, my dad and his friend have flown their small Cessna plane back up to Alaska for the summer. About a month ago, I had asked them about if they would stop in Denver on their way. They keep the plane in Arizona through the winter months and occasionally fly down to Mexico during this time (not jealous or anything). Anyway, they were able to visit which made me very happy. Nonetheless, the weather was bad on mother's day so they were stuck an extra day with us. I didn't mind at all. I rarely get time to be around my dad, especially these days when we live across the Atlantic for most of the year.

My husband was bugging me that I had to wait a whole year in order for us to celebrate mother's day. Of course I thought this was the biggest bunch of bologna I had ever heard. To carry a new life inside of your body for the course of almost an entire year warrants a whole month of celebration nonetheless one day in my mind! However, he was teasing and knew that he would have his butt kicked if he wasn't otherwise. He surprised me with some chocolate flavored body lotions and bath salts. But the sweetest thing was what he had written in the card. I plan to save this one.

The big news of the week from the doctor was that the baby's head is down! She also mentioned to have my bags packed for the hospital, just in case. I was really excited to hear this because many of the women I know have had to have C-sections due to breech baby presentations (not to mention my own particular self- sorry mom!). I am in no way against having a C-section if something goes wrong or if the baby turns on me in the next couple of weeks. But I think that it would be great if he could just come out as naturally and smoothly as possible (wishful thinking, right?).

Now that labor and delivery are right around the corner I've started to focus in this direction. However, I am attempting not to 'hang' on the subject so that I will avoid becoming overwhelmed. I am attempting to go into this phase with no real expectations because I realize that so many different scenarios could occur. I am trying to focus on staying positive and relaxed. I am thankful for all of the knowledge I have gained throughout my formal education on the human body and trust this to guide me through my decision making and overall experience. But I think the biggest thing will be to trust the people around me during labor and to trust that my body will be have the strength and stamina to make it through. And on top of it all, my biggest wish (as I'm sure is every mothers) is to have a healthy baby.

This past week my husband and I also started our series of 'childbirth' classes. Our class is being run by a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital we are delivering at. I chose this type of class because I wanted to take a class that was not biased in any one particular birthing method. This class is great because it goes through both medical and non-medical options as well as many other aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. We will also tour the birthing unit at the hospital in the last week of class (I am hoping I won't deliver before then but it definitely is a possibility as I'll be around 38 weeks). The first week of class was a little slow for me as much of the information presented I already know. But it is good to have my husband involved so he can start thinking about labor and delivery as well. It is also reassuring to know that many other couples are going through the same things at the same time.

~ Amanda

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