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Week 37
~ Cavewoman

Colorado Summer I continue to live with a head of hair (as opposed to pulling it out); however, the past week was full of mounting frustrations. As I've mentioned earlier, my husband is remodeling the kitchen. To add to this, he decided to get our wood floors re-sanded and lacquered. Therefore the past week was spent living out of our basement (a la cavewoman) with the entrance to the rest of the house blocked by large black lawn bags. In addition, the lacquer for the floors emitted a toxic smell causing us to spend hours on end outside of our house to avoid breathing it in. Nonetheless, it made me weary of whether I was poisoning my baby by being in our own house. If I needed something from the upstairs, it would mean ascending six flights of stairs (we live in an incredibly tall townhouse with multiple split-levels) which really starts to wear me out at this stage of pregnancy. Which overall means I wore pretty much the same outfit throughout most of last week.

I've tried to stay calm and relaxed despite the massive alteration in living situation but I can't help but be moody and frustrated. I am the type who likes to be on top of things and organized. I can't stand the fact that I am not able to locate any of my belongings. And all of the nesting and the organizing that I've accomplished previously feels somewhat like a wasted effort at this point in time. I guess I foolishly envisioned the last few weeks of pregnancy being ones of pampering by the husband. Not that he doesn't attempt but his mind and body are so wound up in this remodel I question whether we are living on the same planet.

One of my biggest issues is the food issue. I feel as though I've spent the majority of this pregnancy eating really well. I've been getting in all of the food groups, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. I now find it extremely difficult to eat well as our refrigerator is in the garage and I have no ability to cook homemade meals. Just to doctor up a bowl of cereal in the morning is a hassle. We've eaten most of our meals out the past week which leaves my stomach feeling somewhat mangled. I've tried to pick up healthy items at places like Whole Foods. However, it's simply not possible to eat as healthy as you can when you have your own kitchen. I've now tried making some things in the microwave but I have to get down on hands and knees in order to pull things in and out of it. We finally got our BBQ up and running (thankfully) but this leads to chopping vegetables and dressing meat at the tiny sink in the basement bathroom which also makes me frustrated. My best girlfriend just arrived back in town from Europe so I demanded she give me her house key and reported to her that I would be in her kitchen cooking all of next week. She didn't seem to mind.

Normally, this construction might not seem like such a hassle but now that I am in my last few weeks of pregnancy, I am getting really tired and anxious. Honestly, if the baby arrived soon I might just lose my mind. Which leads me to my next opinion of the week: I truly believe I am going to have a late baby. I guess this is because I haven't had even the slightest hint of any sort of labor oncoming coupled with the fact that I just have a premonition (plus it's demanded by my husband due to the kitchen remodel needing to get done first). My husband and I were putting in our personal polls regarding baby's arrival. Due date is June 11th. He says June 13th, I say June 17th. My parents are coming down to visit June 10th-16th and I just feel like the baby will come right after they leave. My husband assumes this is the negativity in me but I believe that it is just my bad luck. My mom would be able to stay for longer if such an event occurred but my dad, however, would have to return for work. On top of it all, we will leave to live overseas when the baby is very young. Meaning the grandparents probably won't get to spend time with him again until he just around one year old. This makes me kind of sad. I really hope they can be here for the delivery. This would mean the world to them.

I am now on weekly check-ups with the doctor. All is going very smoothly so the visits have been very short and to the point. My husband and I will get to tour the birthing unit this week as part of our weekly childbirth classes. I am really excited for this. My bags are all packed for the hospital (part of the type-A) in me. Actually, at this point in time they have been packed and re-packed several times over. I spent this morning washing and folding all of his little clothes and blankets. I am still in disbelief over the fact that I will be a mother in a matter of weeks. The reality of it all I don't think will hit until he is actually in my arms. I feel as though I still have a very large, undigested burrito squirming around in my stomach causing a cascade of heartburn and multiple trips to the bathroom. (I'm positive he is much cuter than an undigested burrito . . .).

~ Amanda

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