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Week 39
~ Signs

Unfortunately I am not referring to signs of impending labor. To be frank, I've experienced none. My physician has said this is perfectly normal. She also mentioned attempting to enjoy the time of experiencing a sense of normalcy and feeling good. I've attempted to keep this in mind. But me and my type-A personality kind of would prefer this baby to be penciled into the schedule. You know to know when his big arrival day is going to be. As of now, it all remains a big intriguing mystery.

I visit my doctor tomorrow and I will be one day short of my due date. She had mentioned last week that she doesn't like to progress beyond 41 weeks. Therefore, I have the feeling we may begin discussing the possibility of induction. This means we'll most likely get to meet our little guy on or before the 19th! Although I've honestly felt physically great, I'm really looking forward to moving forward and starting life with our little man.

My parents are flying down from Alaska tonight (arriving early tomorrow morning). As they are traveling with the purpose of meeting their grandson, it is another realization of how close we are to the end! I just hope they are able to be here for his arrival. My dad works a lot so might miss him if he's not born within the next week. However, my mom has said that she would stay longer if need be. It will be really nice to have her around. She is bringing down a cooler of fresh salmon, halibut, and mooseburger. I look forward to her cooking! Our kitchen is finally pieced back together. It is absolutely beautiful and is so nice to have home cooking back into our diets. Whew.

I've never considered myself a religious individual. I did not grow up in a certain denomination; rather, my parents wanted us to leave our options open (and left Sundays open for camping trips and hockey games). I do, however, consider myself a spiritual person. I grew up spending most of my time in the outdoors. I feel most connected to the world spiritually when I am in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial world. One of my parents' good friends in a native Alaskan and I've had a few discussions with him concerning man/woman and their connection with the animal world. I've found what he's had to say very fascinating.

Anyhow, last week I was walking my dog through our neighborhood when we came upon the most beautiful red fox I've ever seen. This was a humbling experience since we live in a pretty fast-paced area right along the golf course and a busy road. In essence, not an area you tend to see more wildlife than squirrels and birds. At first we were really close to him and he sort of jumped back. As we rounded the corner, the fox came back into our sight and we both just stood there and stared at each other for awhile. He was a beautiful sight to see--fire red fur, long bushy tail white tinged on the end, and soot blackened feet. I told my mom that I had seen him and she is convinced that it must be some kind of sign. What it means . . . Who knows? But I can't help to think we ran into each other for a reason and that he was a sign of good things to come.

Other strange and bizarre happenings of the week included a bird's nest full of three tiny eggs nestled on the light above our garage, a take-your-breath-away rainbow, and a gigantic, full, orange moon stationed mere inches above the sidewalk (it appeared). These are not things I see around here every day. I like to believe they are all signs of joyfulness on the horizon.

~ Amanda

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