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I'm walking down the rainy path that winds along the river, en route to the town hospital. I'm feeling quite weary but also hoping that this visit will kindle a spark of hope. I'm hoping this doctor is friendly. We've moved to a new town in a new country and I am visiting yet another OB. I hope she speaks English?

First of all I must add a side note. Here I am beaten down and at wits end over this whole miscarriage ride. And here I am sitting in a foreign waiting room across from two horny teenagers making out literally a yard in front of my face. A party of three. I am feeling really old and totally grossed out so I make my presence known by furiously rustling the magazine I am embracing. Nothing. So I make my way to wait in the hallway. As if I don't feel on edge enough!

On to the more important stuff. I met with the OB, such a warm and kind young woman. She was so, so positive! She said we simply had a run of "bad luck". This is a much more common phenomenon than thought. She said we could start trying right away (versus my US OB's opinion of waiting two cycles). Hmmm . . . I think I'll average the two and start trying after my first cycle. She performed a yearly exam and checked up on my uterus via ultrasound. She said my uterine wall looked good and thick. My ovaries: good. Please whoever is running the show, better luck next time!!

I left the appointment feeling quite good actually. I really needed the positive air and hope that this OB left me with. My last words to her were, "I hope to see you soon." She responded, "Me too!"


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